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Secret Behind Levitating Street Performers, Revealed!!

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When we go to amusement parks or certain western cities, where life is a little extra beautiful, we would have come across many things and acts that people do to earn their bread and butter.

You can find people performing street magic or just some levitating street acts that surely catch the attention of one and all. Though the magic looks amazing and leaves you stunned, it is nothing but just a little Physics that these guys use to enthral the audience.

Well, in this article, we are about to share a deepest darkest secret of what levitating performers use to trick the general crowd.

Secret Behind Levitating Street Performers, Revealed!!

They look all relaxed and use baggy clothes to hide this secret in them, which they use to sit for so long without any support.

To know more about the secret behind levitating street performances, keep reading!!

It was started by the Indian yogis who claimed that they could float in mid-air and be all relaxed. However, little did people know that these yogis applied the concept of Physics and nothing else.


This act is usually performed via the strategic placement of steel rods and plates. The act looks like it is defying the rules of gravity, but it is "simple, plain Science" at the end of the day.
On the other hand, the performers can also definitely be seen wearing long sleeves and baggy clothes, so that they can hide these fittings in their clothes.


Secret Behind Levitating Street Performers

There is a base plate that is kept on the ground, while there is a pipe and shaft, which extend up from the platform into the sleeve of the performer, then present is the seat. Thus, forming a great support for the performer to sit on with ease for a longer period of time.

So, now you know the hidden secret of these levitating street performers; however, keeping all this aside, watching these performers float in mid-air will always continue to amuse us and is a true treat for the eyes.

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