Morgue Worker Who Had Sex Got Pregnant!

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We're sure that most of us have come across various articles that have claimed that a woman got pregnant after she had sex with a dead man. We wonder if this is a real news or a fake one!

Here, in this article, we are about to prove the facts right! Keep reading to know if the woman really got pregnant or not after having sex with a dead man.

Morgue Worker Who Had Sex Got Pregnant!

Various reports have claimed that the woman has been arrested for the charges of breaking certain morgue laws and could be jailed for a while.

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But, why make love in the first place with a dead man, right?? Find out the rest of the story unfold in the following paragraphs...


How It Happened...

This woman named Jennifer Burrows was working in a morgue and was supposed to do an autopsy of a 54-year-old man who had died in a car accident.


What She Did Instead...

While she was cleaning the dead man's body, she claimed that the man had an erection and there was no stopping this lady after that!


She Had Fun...

She claimed that she did make love with the dead man's body for a very long time and finally he ejaculated in her.


She Got Pregnant!

She checked if she got pregnant a week after making out with the dead man. Alas! How on earth though!


She Was Arrested...

Once the doctors found out on how she had conceived, she was arrested and was charged a hefty amount for abusing the dead bodies!


Did You Believe The Above Story?

Well, this was just a story that went viral and people were amused as to how could one even get pregnant with a dead man's sperm!

Photo Credit: Giphy
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Story first published: Saturday, October 22, 2016, 11:35 [IST]
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