Man Who Got His Manhood Amputated!

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There are many things that can take you by surprise. Cases like a man getting his penis stuck in a wedding ring to a man who actually lost his manhood after it got stuck in a bottle, can simply go on to show how ridiculous people can really get.

Here, in this article, we are about to share a case of a man who had to get his penis amputated after it got stuck in a bottle. Oucchh!! That definitely did sound painful, right?

This is a true story and the doctors had to actually amputate his entire male part, as it was dead!

The unnamed man had got his penis stuck in a bottle when he was frustrated about not having a good sex life, since he had no partner.

Check the video at the end of the article as well to know more on this.


How It Happened...

This unnamed 50-year-old man was frustrated with his sex life, as he did not have a girlfriend or a wife, hence found this innovative way to remove his sexual frustration out!


What Happened...

The penis got stuck in the bottle and it refused to come out. The poor man was embarrassed and he waited for 4 long days before he seeked medical help.


His Condition...

Since the penis was stuck for 4 long days, his boner suffered from necrosis, which is a type of injury that causes the cells to die.


He Realised It Stared Decaying...

Since the man was embarrassed to get any sort of a medical attention, he realised that his penis started to decay, as it was left in the bottle for 4 days!


The Doctors Said...

The doctors said that they had shifted the patient's urethra, so that he could do functions like urinating normally; however, they also mentioned that the man could never have sex again in his life!

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We wonder is it really worth trying to get pleasure from the most absurd things in the name of "Satisfaction" and "Passion"? We really don't know why people wouldn't want to understand this.

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