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List Of Sixth Sense Abilities In Humans

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We humans are weird, do you agree? All these years we were taught that the human body has five basic senses, that is, sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. However, modern science has proved far more and dictate that we, as humans, have a sixth sense as well and many a times this weird sense goes unnoticed.

With the advanced technology, we are able to detect the sixth sense and, in most cases, it is at times scary, since you truly begin to understand your body and its capabilities.

Today, Boldsky introduces you to your own flesh and blood. We guide you to understand your body and learn to except the sixth sense on your own terms. If you're sitting and reading this article, pay a close watch on your skin, it is breathing just like how you're inhaling the air from your nose.

Science proves that the cells present in your nose are also present in your skin, but in a very small quantity, which thus enables your skin to heal on its own. And that is why experts state that it is important to keep your body clean, if you want to stay healthy. So, take a look at this list of sixth sense abilities in humans, and don't forget to share them too!


The Blind Advantage:

In one research, pictures of sad and happy people were placed in front of blind people to detect the emotions of the people on the picture. Strangely, they recognised the emotions, and, through this study, it is rightly believed that the brain helps to figure out the emotion.


Humans Underwater:

One of the most interesting sixth sense in humans is that they can hear much better than fish when under the water. Humans have the ability to hear up to 200,000 hertz and the reason for this is, we hear with our 'bones'. The bones pick up minute vibrations and pass it up to our ear drums and, hence, our hearing ability suddenly becomes more acute than a fish.


The Ovulating Woman:

One of the dramatic sixth sense is ovulating women who can sense when a snake is around them. This is because they have a heightened sense of detecting danger in their surroundings.


Smell Your Neighbour's Emotions:

Did you know that you can smell a person's emotions and personality. Science states that people who fear smell differently, and those who are extroverts too have an aura around themselves.


Listen To Water:

A water molecule behaviour changes when it heats up. When water is cold, molecules are denser, and vice versa for hot water. Hence, they sound different too. This is how you are able to notice if the water is hot or cold by listening to the flow of water, without even touching it.


The Sixth Sense For Men:

When a woman is ovulating, there are physical changes that attract men. Ovulating women seem more beautiful at that time, their hips enlarge, their voice changes, and this is how men use their sixth sense to notice it in women.


The Blindfold Trick:

According to a recent research, it is said that if you go into a dark room blindfolded and wave your hands in front of you, you can see the palms. At the same time, even when you shake your hands while being blind-folded, your eyes move along the same direction as the movement of your hands. This is because the brain switches to other sensory information to "see".

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 17:45 [IST]
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