Interesting Facts About Introverts

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Most of us seldom understand introverts. In fact, in a world that is dominated by extroverts, communication skills have become a must. But introverts don't lack communication skills at all. They just choose to be silent most of the time and open up when they feel comfortable.

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If you take a look at most of the greatest scientists or revolutionary thinkers, they were all introverts who seldom mingled with the public.

Yes, introverts are the greatest artists, scientists, poets, mystics and even saints. In fact, some of the introverts are evolved souls who know how to push the mankind a degree further.

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Now, let us know more interesting facts about these interesting people.


Fact #1

They are neither shy nor do they suffer inferiority complex or social anxiety. They just prefer solitude to recharge their souls.


Fact #2

Though they don't have too many friends, they give their best to a very few friends.


Fact #3

They feel refreshed during their time alone and tend to feel tired if they are surrounded by loud and noisy people.


Fact #4

They are creative and can excel well in fields that involve arts, crafts, writing and even research. They seldom prefer fields that involve sales, marketing or roles that need one to talk to scores of people on a daily basis.


Fact #5

Every company needs an introvert as their creative out-of-the-box ideas tend to lead to progress. In fact, many great thinkers in the history were introverts.


Fact #6

Some introverts are spiritual and they have tons of energy that cleanse others around them.


Fact #7

They are very romantic at heart and they are very passionate in the work they choose.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 13, 2016, 10:17 [IST]
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