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7 Harsh Truths About Life That Are Wrong

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In our life, we live in many misconceptions and think that they are true without knowing the hidden fact behind them. We see what others show us and believe it to be true. If we see a successful person, we don't see the efforts taken by him/her, we just see his/her fame.

We must change our perspective about achieving our goals in life and also believe in the fact that "It is never ever too late for you". If you think that the age of becoming a successful person is gone, you are thinking wrong, my friend.

There is no age for your dreams, you can pursue your dreams whenever you want, irrespective of your age. In simple terms, if you want to achieve something, neither your age, nor race or anything can stop you.

It all depends on your prospective and thoughts and how you take it seriously as a person. So, you should give it a try and should have an urge to achieve something.

So, here's an article that will enlighten you on various harsh truths about life that are not actually true.


Life Is Too Mean!

You must have seen people who have achieved everything without taking a lot of pain and some who are still banging the doors to open it for them. This is what we see from our vision's perspective, but we usually ignore to see their struggle when they were really burning candles to read a book.


The First Step Is The Hardest!

After taking any decision to move forward in life, the first step towards the goal is always the hardest. However, this may seem to be so, as we are not into the habit of coming out from our comfort zone. Once you move further and further, the comfort zone gets narrower and narrower.


Good Things Don’t Come Quickly!

Yes, we all say this that good things are hard to get and they rarely happen to us. But, the truth is that good things happen to you every time. It is just how you take it and convert it into a good opportunity. We overlook the small good things that can be turned into a bigger one. People who get good things in life have seen the beauty in small little good things.


Not Everyone Will Support You

If you think that not everyone supports you because of jealousy, you might be wrong, as their criticism is something that is indeed helping you to be a better person. In fact, their sarcastic smiles and taunts must be taken as a motivation to work more towards your goal and lead a happy life, so that at last they must regret for what they did.


Success Is Inherited

We might look at some famous people and feel that they must have inherited all the success from their famous parents. This may not be the case, as you never know the amount of effort that person must have taken to be famous. However, if you have not inherited the success, you can be the one to inherit your success to your kid, as someday someone has to start!


Your Efforts Can't Pay You Quick

It is true that our efforts take time to show the result. However, we must not lose hopes and put any lesser an effort to achieve our goals be it in our personal or professional front. You never know when your efforts will be considered and you'll be promoted.


Everyone Is Intelligent Except Me!

If you think that you are less intelligent to make yourself successful then you are wrong. If you have the capability to think then you have the capability to achieve your goals too. It is just that you need to be more focused and consistent.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 24, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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