Fun Facts About Fruits You Probably Didn't Know

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Fruits are the healthiest forms of food that are found on the face of this earth. Fruits should be added to your daily diet, as they provide you with better health and immunity. Consuming fruits on a daily basis can keep you away from all sorts of diseases.

It is also necessary to know what you are consuming. According to health experts, many are unaware of the nutritional facts of the fruits they consume, and this is sad! Were you also aware that there are certain alarming facts about fruits that are kind of scary. For example, science has proved bananas to have some form of radioactive energy.

Likewise, pineapples are actually regarded as a berry and they don't belong to the apple family. It is also said that one pineapple takes around 365 days to grow to its full form; yes, a full year! The other interesting fact about fruits is that there is a tree known as a 'fruit salad' tree.

fun facts about fruits

This beautiful tree bears at least 3 to 7 types of full grown fruits, wherein each of them have their own enriching flavour. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of these beautiful and mind-blowing facts about fruits:

Do you think a strawberry belongs to the berry family? Unfortunately, they don't. But look on the bright side of it, bananas are one such fruit that belong to the berry family.

One of the funniest things about grapes is that they can explode like little bombs if you place them in a microwave oven. Therefore, it is important not to heat any food that has grapes in it.

fun facts about fruits

Apples, raspberries and peaches are the three fruits that belong to the rose family and not the berry family.

Do you know which is the world's most popular fruit? Well, it is none other than the beautiful ripe tomato, which is also referred to as a vegetable.

It is also widely said that coffee beans are not actually beans, but they are formed out of fruit pits and are processed in a way to have the taste of coffee.

fun facts about fruits

Bananas are one of the world's favourite fruits. They are highly nutritious and good for health. Recent studies have reported that bananas are indeed radioactive!

For those who are on medications should avoid consuming certain types of fruits, and one of them is the grapefruit. Studies have proved that if you consume grapefruit after popping in a over-the-counter medication, there is a high chance that you will not survive to breathe your last breath! Grapefruit consumed right after medication can cause an instant death.

One of the most interesting facts about fruits is the 'fruit salad tree', which grows at least 4 to 7 different types of fruits during the year.

fun facts about fruits

Tomatoes are regarded as the most powerful fruit in history and this is only because tomatoes contain more genes than humans. This interesting fact about fruits was never taught to us!

The next time you fall ill and the doctor advices you to consume more oranges to gain its vitamin C, don't waste your time, as strawberries have 10 times more the vitamin C than oranges. Now, this is one fact about fruits that is highly unbelievable and interesting.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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