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Facts To Get You Through The Weekend

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Learning about new things will definitely teach us something in the long run, and when we talk about interesting facts, then there's just so little we know of.

Learning about facts that can actually teach us something is worth a read and this article is all about such amazing facts that will blow your mind.

Here, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the facts that will actually teach you something.

These are the facts that will keep you updated and entertained for the entire weekend.

So, find out about some of the most interesting facts that will teach you something. Read on.


Fact #1

Fidgeting behaviour, such as tapping your feet or drumming your fingers, can burn up to 350 calories in a day!! This is a common trait of lean or skinny individuals.


Fact #2

Did you know that about 75% of the world's food is generated from only 12 plants and 5 animal species? Well, yes, it is a fact!!! Quite a mind blowing fact, ain't it?


Fact #3

A man named Chen Si has devoted his free time to patrolling the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge since 2004. This bridge is one of the most famous suicidal points and he has apparently saved over 300 people. WOW!! Talk about good deeds!


Fact #4

The Chambarakat Dam in Mosul, Iraq, is listed as one of the most dangerous dams in the world. This is because the dam was built on an unstable base of gypsum. If it would fail or break at any moment, then it would put the entire Baghdad under 15-feet of water and the death toll would easily be around 500,000.

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Fact #5

There are a class of people in Japan referred to as Cyber Homeless who live at cyber cafes because they are cheaper alternatives than staying in a rented apartment. Apparently, these cafes offer showers and also sell underwears. Quite an interesting fact, huh!!

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