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Interesting Facts About Toilets

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We learn about different facts every time. But for a change, let's learn some basic, interesting facts about some of the things that we use in our daily lives. For example, "TOILETS"!

Here, in this article, we are about to share information on some of the most interesting facts about toilets that we are hardly aware of.

According to history, Sir John Harington was a member of Queen Elizabeth I's court. He was credited with the invention of the modern flush toilet, back in 1596.

But, a few years later, his model was modified in 1775 by an English inventor named Alexander Cumming. He apparently became the first person to get the flush toilet patented. It is said that he invented an S-shaped valve to keep foul odours at bay.

Apart from these historic facts on toilets, find out about some of the most interesting facts that will simply blow your mind.

Read on to know more.


Fact #1

Did you know that the toilet seat is the cleanest part in the bathroom, since most people take great care that it is clean before sitting on it? Well, it is a fact!


Fact #2

A survey claimed that unclean tablets and smartphone surfaces contain at least 600 units of the Staphylococcus bacteria in comparison to less than 20 units on a toilet seat.


Fact #3

Another survey claimed that only 77% of males wash their hands before leaving the bathroom as compared to 93% of females. Woah, no wonder one needs to think twice before shaking hands with men!


Fact #4

Did you know that, on an average, a modern toilet uses a minimum of 1.6 gallons, that is, six litres of water in a single flush? Yeah, that is quite a lot!


Fact #5

Separate toilets were offered for men and women for the first time during a high-society ball in Paris in 1739. And that's where it all started, thank god!


Fact #6

A survey claimed that men take more time than women inside the washroom. Thus, leaving women wonder what they were up to for so long!


Fact #7

Did you know that about 90% of the medicines that are taken by people are excreted through urination? Hence, the sewer systems contain heavy doses of drugs.

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