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Different People You Find In Every Office

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Office is the place where most of us spend our entire time of the day. This is place where our entire time is spent away from our family, and this time is spent with our office family members, where we are busy in achieving our goals and completing our work to perfection.

Well, in every office, we do find certain characters that make us realise that office is actually a place of work! And no office is complete without those gossip mongers.

Well, such interesting characters do make office an interesting place to work and spend time at.

In this article, we are here to discuss about the different people you'll find in every office.

We do find some very colourful people and meet some interesting characters, whom we surely would have never come across before in any other place ever.

So, read on about some of the different people that you can find in an office.


The Intern Who Is Shabbily Dressed

You see that fashion paux every day when you see the intern shock you with his/her weird sense of dressing every day! The best part is to see them walk around in confidence.


The One With Start-up Ideas

This guy is always impressed when he sees how well the snacks point guy is making by just selling sandwiches or the guy who is selling pani puri! These guys get highly influenced on making it big someday.


The Human Alarm Clock

These colleagues are punctual in everything they do. From finishing projects on time to being on time to work and not staying an extra minute after their working hours are done.


The One Who Is Always On The Phone

These colleagues are often heard laughing randomly or talking to themselves when they at their desk, as they are always talking to their "SOMEBODY".

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The Ever Hungry Colleague

This colleague is always seen munching on something or the other at their desk or at their friend's desk. They are hardly seen sticking to and working at their desk!

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The One Who Asks For A Charger Always

This colleague is always seen asking for a charger that fits in their phone. They would not mind asking any random colleague to get their phone charged.


The One With A Library At Their Desk

Yes, we all have that one colleague who has a huge stack of books piled up on his/her desk. Wonder if they even read any of those books anytime!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 11:51 [IST]
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