Damaging Lies We Tell Ourselves

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A famous quote states, "what we think we become". This holds true in every person's life; and if you notice keenly, happy and successful people have mostly positive thoughts, however, a depressed person is always complaining and cribbing.

This is because our thoughts and beliefs rule our life. The way we think, we act in the same way and our life also moves along the same direction only. Therefore, our thoughts guide us on how we act under certain situations.

When your actions are governed by your thoughts, so why not think good and positive, so that positive things come out in your life. If you will know the power of your thoughts, you will never think negative of anything. However, being a bit negative is also important for our growth but don't overindulge in the habit, as the thoughts can then overwhelm you completely.

Sometimes, we start believing in certain things that are not true. Our thoughts are very powerful, as we will behave according to the way we think and believe. Have you ever wondered why positive people are always happy? They are happy because they invite good things in their life through their thoughts. Therefore, we must stop lying to ourselves and kill all the negative thoughts.

Here are some common lies that damage us and must be avoided.


I Am A Loser

Most people have a low self-esteem and they simple underestimate themselves. Having this habit can have a damaging effect on you. You will start feeling and behaving the same. Always think that you can, you have the potential and no one has any special powers in life. It is the efforts and our will power that counts. So, don't be dejected in life.


I Will Do That Tomorrow

This is one of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves. We all know that we will never do it the next day, if we can't do it then. Adapt the habit of completing the things when they are ought to be completed at that time. Otherwise, the things will pile up and it will be a big stress and chaos for you to handle at a later point.


I Am Doing More Than Enough

Sometimes, we are too happy with ourselves and think that we are giving a 100 percent to our work or family life such as kids or husband. Stop living in such fake thoughts, try to read other's opinions as well. Listen to your critics as well and always try to boost your efforts. This will definitely fetch you good things in life.


I Must Always Win

Failures are also important to help you realise where you lag behind and to optimise your confidence. You must learn to accept the failures and stop taking too much stress over the things that you have to achieve it life. It is always okay to become a successful person gradually, as walking down a zigzag road has its own fun, enjoy it!


I Love The Way I Am

Being proud of yourself is good but being happy of your flaws is not. Sometimes, we know our flaws; and instead of changing them, we get happy and to cover the embarrassment we say that 'I love the way I am'. This way you will restrict yourself to learn new things and to correct yourself. Remember, the process of learning continues till death, as there are a lot of things to be learned in the ocean of knowledge.


He Will Do This Or That, If He Loves Me

Sometimes, we make some false assumptions about others whom we love. We think that if they also love us, they will do exactly as what we want them to do. But, then our expectations end up in a utter disappointment.


I Have No Control Over My Life

Sometimes, we are so pissed off and admit the thing that we can't change our situation. Having such thoughts will somehow make us a coward and we reject the change in any situation. If we wish, we can change any bad situation, if not at least think that good things will come soon. Our thoughts are so powerful that it can really change our situation.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 18:16 [IST]
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