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Crazy Internet Challenges That Went Viral

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Everything that you do these days gets viral. Be it a stunt or a gimmick, it spreads across like wild fire and becomes a trend. All thanks to the internet which makes our life so easy and social.

Any new thing that is different and unique becomes a viral challenge. These challenges are quite dangerous, wacky or sometimes just lame. Doing these challenges just makes you look cool for the moment.

If there is any tragedy that strikes or a mishap that occurs, you would be solely responsible for it. Though all the challenges are not dangerous, there are a few out there which are fun to try.

Find out more about these interesting internet challenges that became a sensation, and you could see every other person try them out at least once, in order to look cool and in trend.

Read on to find out more about these crazy challenges.

The Fire Challenge
This was a crazy challenge that was started. The challenge was to spray a small amount of flammable liquid, which can either be alcohol or perfume, on an area of the body and light it on fire. It is not a cool idea, must say! Yet, there have been many viral videos and cases reported of teens who have hurt themselves while trying this trick.

Fire Challenge

The Belly Button Challenge
A trend known as "The Belly Button Challenge" took off the social media by a craze. It initially started off in China, but currently has become popular worldwide. In this challenge, people are supposed to post self-portraits while trying to reach an arm behind their back and around to touch their belly button. Crazy isn't it?

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Belly Button Challenge

The Condom Challenge
This one was a rage where you could find hilarious videos and images of people who have tried this challenge. The challenge was to fill a condom with water and gently dropped on to the person's head who is taking the challenge. The catch is that, it should wrap itself around the person's face and neck but remain intact.

Condom Challenge

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The Extreme Phone Pinching
This can churn your stomach when you see crazy bunch of people flaunting their phones at the edges. The anxiety-inducing trend involves holding your phone with just your thumb and forefingers over somewhere you really would never want it to fall. There are many kids out there who have cried after they've failed in this challenge and have also spoilt their phones!

Extreme Phone Pinching

Image Courtesy

The Duct Tape Challenge
In this challenge, the participants had to be tied with an adhesive tape for up to 3 minutes. They have an additional three minutes to escape. In this act, most of them were left with cuts and bruises, yet they enjoyed doing this crazy act. Weird!!!

Duct Tape Challenge

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