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Bizarre Sleeping Disorders You Must Know

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Sleeping disorders are something that will only leave you distressed and tired for a new day. If you are suffering from any kind of a sleeping disorder, then you must know that it needs to be worked on.

Here, in this article, we shall share a list of the most bizarre sleeping disorders that you might have never come across. You might have heard about these disorder symptoms, but must have not paid attention to them though.

Sometimes, we sleep really less and, at times, we tend to sleep for really long hours, and this might confuse you into believing that you are suffering from any of these sleeping disorders mentioned in the list.

So, keep reading to know more about these bizarre sleeping disorders that can ruin your health and sleep cycle completely.

Find out more about them and make sure you get yourself checked before it is too late.


Sleeping Bruxism

This is one of the most bizarre sleeping disorders, in which the person tends to clench or grind his teeth in sleep. Researchers say that it is generally due to stress, anxiety or suppressed anger.


Sleep Apnoea

This is one of the serious conditions, in which the person has difficulty in breathing and if ignored for a while, it can lead to a stroke. This disorder can be caused by excess weight gain, high blood pressure or smoking.


Sleep Walking

This condition is known as "Somnambulism". It is a pretty harmless condition, in which the person tends to grow out of it after a point of time. It is usually caused by an underlying problem such as sleep apnoea or seizures, but it is generally overlooked.



This is another serious condition that needs an immediate attention. People who suffer from this tend to suffer from sudden sleep spells. This can happen at any point of the day and just any where. Studies reveal that one out of every 2,000 people is said to have narcolepsy.


Restless Legs Syndrome

This is a condition, in which the person tends to feel the necessity of shaking his legs to get relief from the prickling and tingling sensation. Researchers have revealed that this condition is more common during the night and it subsides by morning.



This is one of the rare conditions, in which the patient tends to sleep for at least 18 hours in a single span. Currently, it affects only 200 people all over the world. The sleep span can last anywhere from 18 hours to even weeks!


REM-Sleep Behaviour Disorder

This condition causes a person to act out extremely vivid dreams while sleeping. This condition is often confused with sleep walking, sleep tremors, etc. In this condition, the person tends to get violent in sleep and makes actions like he is having a fight.

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Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 17:14 [IST]
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