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What Your Lips Reveal About Your Character

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Do you know that we can find out about a person's character by looking at his or her lips? According to a Chinese practice of reading characters, a person's lips can tell much about his or her nature.

The science of reading lips is called lipsology. According to this science, the shape, size, fullness, and contours of your lips can reveal your real character. However, cupids bow (the middle region of upper lip), lip size and plumpness reveal about certain human traits.

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Lips are one of the facial features that get noticed easily, and many people try to interpret your character by having a look at the shape of your lips.It is common among all of us that we like finding out about ourselves by having a look at our eyes or any other facial features. Even by looking at the overall face, we can make out someone's character.

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This article defines your character according to the shape of your lips, based on the science that lipsology deals in. It would be fun to read out this article and discover some interesting things about your friends.

Guess the real character of your friends by reading out the article!


Heart-Shaped Lips

People with heart-shaped lips like to implement new ideas and are very creative. They think quickly and have their own charm. They put their views forward loudly and are not shy. They can be very romantic as well.


Full Lips

People having full and plump lips are very brave and courageous. They keep other's needs in priority and care for them. They are also generous and can make friends easily. Women having full lips lean towards motherhood.


Wide Lips

People with wide lips are the talented lot. They try to achieve perfection and take interest in a variety of activities. They are adaptable and have a large circle of friends.


Thin Lips

These people are reserved, lonely, yet well-determined towards their goals in life. They are also very cautious and stable. Women with thin lips are independent and very enthusiastic, but can be sensitive in nature as well.


Round Lips

They are the most charming souls and can be very adventurous. Women with round lips are confident and like taking risks. They want to move forward in life and leave the past behind.


Plump In The Centre

They are gifted by nature as a performer and are famous for their skills. They are always the centre of attention and spotlight. They are jolly, lovely and fun loving in nature.


Symmetric Lips

Well-defined symmetric lips, neither thin nor thick is rarely found, but are known to be the perfect set of lips. These people have a strong temperament. They take time to connect with new people and have a limited circle of friends.

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