Know Your Personality According To Your Birth Order

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For parents, every child is precious be it a first, middle, last or a single child. However, the personalities of a child can depend on the order of his/her birth. A first child is brought up in a way very different from a middle or last child.

For instance, a first child is an excitement for the parents and he/she is given more time and attention to when compared with the second or last one. In the same way, the middle one has an elder sibling who can take care of him/her, therefore the parents, in this case, are a little relaxed in the upbringing. This may make the second child feel a bit neglected.

The only child will have more responsibilities but is more pampered by the parents. However, the last child is governed by the elder siblings, but loved as a cute little champ too.

These simple, but important, things mould your personality, which is highly governed by you being the first, middle, last or an only child. It will be interesting to find out your nature as per your birth order.

Read on the article to find out what personality you belong to depending on your birth pattern.



First-borns always try to achieve perfection and have a bossy nature. They care for their children more and are very much responsible. However, they can be over-cautious about things and may worry a lot. First-borns are also high achievers in all areas and they like to be in control over things. They work hard and try to excel in every field.



They like to be independent and are very much social. However, they can be rebellious at times and may often feel left out. They seek a way to gain recognition in family and friends, as they feel they are being somewhat ignored. They don't have a pull towards perfection and can be creative to gain attention. They can please people and are peacemakers as well.



They are very charming and outgoing. Last-borns are highly social and don't like to complicate things. They are fun-loving and manipulative as well. However, they can be self-centered and may seek some attention. They enjoy the attention and love of being the cute little one in the family. They love adventure and can go with the flow.


Only Child

They are highly confident and responsible. A single child is also more mature than his/her actual age and sensitive also. He/she can lead well and also seek approval. He/she can be sensitive to any criticism and conscientious as well. The only child is very social, but may have a hard time relaxing.


Adopted Children

The nature of an adopted child will only depend on how he/she is brought up by the parents. His/her personality can't be determined by the first-born or last-born pattern. However, he/she may get some of the characteristics of the only child, if he/she is the only adopted child. An adopted child deserves more love and care than the others.


Gap Children

When there is large gap between all the children, the second- or third-born may have the same characteristics as the first-born.


Why This Happens

The factors that impact these characteristics have nothing to do with genes. The nature of the first-born, middle-born or only child depends on how they are brought up, the family situation at that period of time and their relationships with their parents and siblings.

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