SHOCKING: This Is How India Describes A Wife

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Indian women are the most beautiful in the world, do you agree? Without a doubt - I do!

If your wondering why we asked you this question, we want you to also find out the reason why. If you take a look at any recent matrimonial advertisements in a leading newspaper, you will be aware of how India describes or rather wants a wife to be.

Indian men are literally after women who are fair, have a pear shape figure and of course she must have impeccable cooking skills leaving education aside. Strange, but true!


Today, even though we live in a world filled with educated brutes there are still some of these men in the crowd who crave for that perfect Indian woman who is good with her hands rather than with her brains.

It is sad that we still look at women as objects to keep our stomach's happy instead of our hearts.

Here are some of the ways in which an Indian wife or a woman eligible for marriage is described in our country. Take a look;


Colour Matters

No matter which race or creed you belong too, you must look fair and lovely. This is ideally one of the main things every Indian man wants in a wife.


Dowry Means The World

It is sad to see in some families dowry is respected much more than the bride. More dowry, more respect to your daughter, that's th policy.


Shapes Of Food

No matter what you do, an Indian woman should know how to make round perfect rotis, otherwise she is a hopeless woman.


Household Work Is Important

One of the things that strongly defines an Indian woman is her household duties. It is okay if she doesn't go to work, but it isn't okay if she skips sweeping and cleaning the floor.


The Male Bonding

This pointer can get any woman boiling... In India a woman can have a thousand girls, but she is restricted from having the same amount of 'brothers'.


A Woman's Shape

The Indian woman should be curvy and have a perfect shape. No marriage proposals will come forth if she is little over weight!


Education Rights!

It is firmly believed that in some parts of India the system follows as this - lower the education, better chance of finding a groom!


Height Matters

Believe it or not - Indian women should not be taller than her to be husband. She should be at least 4 to 5 inches shorter than him. This indirectly shows that women should not dominate.

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