Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

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Alcohol is your best friend, we know! But, it should not be mixed with other pleasures in life. Youngsters are encouraged by their peers to drink, and with this bad habit, other wild things follow like drinking while driving, drinking and sex,and much more.

Experts state that one should not combine certain things with the consumption of alcohol as it could either turn out fatal to oneself or another. So, here are some of the things you should never mix with any coloured intoxicating beverage, hope you pay attention to this humble advice!

Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol | Never Mix With Alcohol | Things To Keep In Mind About Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol & Drugs - Youngsters are thrilled to mix these two powerful things - alcohol and drugs. You should know that a high consumption of alcohol could lead to a heart attack and alongside the drugs it could just prove fatal.

Alcohol & Energy Drinks- One of the things you should never mix with alcohol is energy drinks. Mixing alcohol with energy drinks can also cause insomnia and heart palpitations. On the other hand, consuming undiluted alcohol along with energy drinks will only make you hyperactive, not allowing you to think straight and do the right thing.

Alcohol & Sex

Alcohol & Sex- Oooopss... these are two things you should never ever mix together. If you do, you might end up getting pregnant or you could get infected with an STD.

Alcohol & Driving - Driving and alcohol combined is no thrill in life. It could only be fatal and therefore, it is one of the most dangerous things you should never mix with alcohol.

Alcohol & Firearms

Alcohol & Firearms - Between 1997 and 2009, there were an estimated 395,366 firearm-related death cases in the United States of America, and about one-third of them are believed to have been alcohol-related. So, this gives one another reason not to mix alcohol and firearms.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 17:09 [IST]
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