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7 Things Indians Crave To Flaunt


It is human nature to feel great about something or feel proud of some possession. For example, when you own a very big house in your locality or a very expensive car, you tend to feel great when you flaunt it, right?

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Well, we all have some Narcissistic tendencies in us and they drive us towards such actions. In fact, we would love to surround ourselves with expensive accessories and possessions in this materialistic world as they complete us.

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When it comes to Indians, there are some specific things that give them kick. Let us discuss about the things we would love to flaunt.


Expensive Bikes

Yes, Indian men crave to own expensive bikes as flaunting them would give them ultimate kick!



Some of us would wonder why the rest of us treat gadgets like precious possessions. We Indians would love to own the best phones to show them off in social circles.



Of course, when gold ornaments make us look rich, why wouldn't we love to flaunt gold?


Lavish Flat

Buying a house is your dream and when you could afford to buy a luxury flat, you would obviously want your neighbours to feel envy.


Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

This may sound strange to you but we would love to show off our relationships too! Especially, when you have the most beautiful girlfriend, you would crave to show her off to the world, right?



Expensive sarees are like oxygen to some of us. When you own them, why wouldn't your flaunt them?


Social Life

When you have big contacts in your social circle, you would love to brag about your high connections in your social media profile, right?

Well, these are just a few examples. Share with us your examples.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 4:10 [IST]
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