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10 Weird Ways In Which Money Makes You Happy

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

Love is important but, there are several weird ways in which money makes you happy and contented. Money, in today’s world, is one of the most essential assets that one requires for survival. Starting from bread and water to a roof and wheels, everything costs money.

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It can no more function on liaison or good will. In olden days, people used to exchange things that were a means of liveliness and played a similar role as money does today. Hence, it can be rightfully said that there are different ways money makes you happy and successful.

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Everything in life has a meaning, so does money! It might be true that “Money can’t buy happiness” but, it can certainly buy things that equals happiness. Also, even if you can’t buy a thing why not cry in a Mercedes rather than on a bicycle. So, readers, here is a list of ten weird ways in which money makes you happy! Read on!



The one of the most different ways money makes you happy is by putting a smile on other people's faces. Present a gift and see it make wonders, sometimes the real happiness is in seeing it on other people's faces. Also, it might sound weird but buying a gift for oneself is another tried and tested method to feel happy.



Charity is one of the noblest things to do in today's world. It can be done in several ways for children, elders, animals or other NGO's. Also, one cannot deny the amount of blessings that it would bring along with happiness.


Pay Toll

Next in weird ways in which money makes you happy is by paying for the toll for the car behind you. Notice the smile, you have just made someone's day worth living. People never forget good deeds!


Plan For Future

Money can certainly help you buy the dream house in which you want to settle down later in your life. May be one of the weird ways in which money makes you happy but, it certainly is true!



Shopping is everyone's best friend! Everybody likes to indulge into a small wardrobe change or jewellery and accessories once in for a while. Go out on a shopping spree and certainly you can buy happiness!


Dinner And Date

Take your loved ones, friends or spouse out on a diner date. This might be the next weird ways in which money make you happy but, to afford a dinner in an expensive restaurant you do need money!



Go out for a movie! Alone or company, doesn't matter but do go. Sometimes it is essential to forget the world and just sit back and relax. What can be better than watching a movie? This is, in fact, one of the most different ways money makes you happy.


Chocolates All The Way

Next would be to pamper you with some chocolates. If nothing else they act as anti-depressants!


Salon And Spa

Pamper yourself by taking an appointment with a salon and spa centre and spend the day getting spoiled. There is a whole range to choose from!!



The final way would be by taking a long or short, depending on the budget, vacation at your favourite holiday destination. Pack your bags and board a flight!

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Story first published: Thursday, August 20, 2015, 10:08 [IST]