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10 Weird Foods Indians Love To Eat

By Ajnata Sen

Food is one of the three most basic needs of a human being, the other two being clothes and shelter. People always look for the best food items that they can relish. However, food habits vary from one person to another and from one place to another.

There are some factors that greatly affect your food habits. Geographic location and religion are the two most important factors that determines most of your food habits and preferences.

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Though, people usually like to eat the best tasting foods, there are some weird food items that have become a part of the regular food habits. If you look at the strange food habits, then you will notice some bizarre foods Indian love to eat. These foods may seem strange to you, but there are many people who enjoy eating them.

These weird food Indians love to eat include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items. Some of these food items may even horrify you.. Following are some of the weird foods Indians love to eat:

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1. Frog Legs:

Eaten mostly in the states of Sikkim and Goa, Frog Legs are also very popular among other parts of the country. According to the habitual eaters of frog legs, they taste good and they often relish the dish on special occasions.


2. Khorisa:

Khorisa is grated bamboo shoots that is eaten raw, pickled or fermented in Assam. Khorisa is one of the most popular weird foods Indians love to eat. It is eaten as a vegetarian dish or can be added to various non vegetarian preperations. The processes of preparation can be different but they are tasty when prepared.


3. Phan Pyut:

The name may seem strange to you. Actually, it is rotten potato that people often use to prepare a delicious dish. This is one of the strange foods people eat. They cook this dish only, when the potatoes are rotten. They use selected spices while preparing this dish.


4. Chaprah:

Next among the weirdest foods people eat is the Chaprah. It is a favourite dish among the people of Chhattisgarh. You would be surprised to know that it is made out of red ants and their eggs. It is a sweet dish that people in the state love to eat with their meals.


5. Baby Shark Curry:

It is a popular food in Goa where baby sharks are often found in abundance. People in Goa relish the dish on every special occasion. It is also served in the leading hotels in Goa. Visitors from different part of the world also enjoy this tasty dish very much.


6. Nahkham:

Popular among the tribal people of Garo Hills of Meghalaya, Nahkham is extremely tasty. It is a non-vegetarian dish that is prepared with fish. The process of cooking the dish is very strange. It has a pungent odor that people like very much.


7. Dog Meat:

This is one of the most popular weird foods Indians love to eat. It is very popular among the tribal communities of Nagaland and Mizoram.


8. Black Rice:

Also known as magic rice and purple rice, this is a very popular food among the people of Manipur. The rice black in colour when raw, but it turns purple after it is cooked. It is good for your health too.


9. Eri Polu:

It is one of the most popular bizarre foods Indians love to eat. It is very popular among the residents of Assam. It is prepared with the pupa of the silkworm. People harvest these pupae to get the raw material for this dish.


10. Tilli:

Actually, tilli is prepared with the spleen of buffaloes. People in Pune love to prepare and eat this dish whenever they celebrate any special occasion. It is also served in the well-known hotels and restaurants in Pune.

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