Signs You Need Emotional Healing

By: Ajanta Sen

Emotions are essential parts of our everyday life. Our daily life is a mixture of good and bad emotions, which can get reflected on our health as well. Sometimes, being in the same job or dwelling in the same city for years can make us feel bored and we suddenly start feeling depressed.

Moreover, you may even find it hard to socialise at times or may feel addicted to few things,etc. In such situations, don’t think that you are weak, it is just that you need an emotional healing.

Until and unless you can identify the origin of your emotional turmoil, the cycle will go on repeating itself, and you will eventually tend to get disheartened again and again.

The earlier emotional issues, which you thought had disappeared, can emerge to the surface again and can cause destruction in your present situation. This may make you blame yourself for doing the things that you tend to do, without knowing the actual cause.

There are various reasons, which prove why you need an emotional healing. Following are the 5 signs to show that you need emotional healing:

signs you need emotional healing

When Anxiety or Depression Begins to Overpower You
Whatever we believe or feel plays a very important role in our emotional condition, and we have the strength to identify and comprehend them to move through the main emotions that nourish our depressive and anxiety moments.

We must deal with these emotions, so that they don’t have power over our important feelings of everyday life. Thus, anxiety or depression are one of the 5 signs to show that you need emotional healing. These can be healed through an action and self-reflection of the health and mind.

signs you need emotional healing

When You Have A Problem in Showing Love, Trust and Sympathy
Our emotions are portrayed in the form of our beliefs, thoughts and reminiscences. If you allow your emotions to influence you, then whenever you will come across difficult encounters or complicated people, your life can get affected by their behaviour.

In such a case, it takes emotional motivation to respond to badly behaved people with love, trust and compassion. You can retain control and be confident and, at the same time, remain loyal as well.

When your emotions do not control you, a loving, truthful and sympathetic state of the heart and mind can move through your association with others, despite of their earlier behaviour. This method helps to remove your emotions like anger and fear, and you start behaving coolly in response to emotions like indecency, anxiety and frustration.

signs you need emotional healing

You Are Unable to Differentiate between Feelings and Emotions
Feelings are a mixture of your philosophies, emotions, memories, beliefs and ideas.

Each of these aspects mix to affect the first emotions, which you have, but it also decides how you feel about what is going on in your life. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know the difference between your feelings and emotions, so that you can apply your own emotions to a larger visual of your daily life.

This is the reason why you need an emotional healing.When Instead Of Becoming Receptive You Become Reactionary.This is one of the 5 signs to show that you need emotional healing.

As you come across complex experiences that call up for strong feelings, instead of reacting, you must respond to those confrontations, this is called self-empowerment.

When You Hold On To Emotions Instead Of Letting Go

This is one of the most important among the 5 signs to show that you need emotional healing. When you hold on to emotions like anger and fear, they can be destructive. Thus, you must have power over these emotions, so that they can not control your behaviour or feelings.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 10:30 [IST]
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