Signs That You Need Inner Healing

By: Sneha A

Our emotions play a very vital role in the shaping up of our personality. They make our lives an exciting journey with all the ups and downs of happiness, grief, excitement, exhilaration, and so on. It is the experience of all such emotions that is a part of being human.

But the question that arises here is who governs who? Whether it is you who is run by your emotions or your emotions that are run by you.

Being in a clear and sound state of mind is very essential for the correct assessment of the situations around us, and for taking the right decisions in our life. Our control over our emotions helps us in steering our life towards the way we want it to go on. Whether we are on the right track or not, it is all governed by the state of our emotions.

In everybody’s life, there comes a point of time when everything seems to be falling apart and out of hands, we are always on the edge ready to explode any minute. Even the smallest of the things can trigger the worst of our reactions.

These are some of the ways which show that we need emotional healing, but, before this, we need to accept all this by ourselves that we need help. Following are the 6 signs, which denote that you need emotional healing:


1. You Are Unable To Trust Or Show Love Towards Anyone

This is one of the biggest symptoms, which tells you that you are in a dire need of inner healing. Your lack of ability to trust the people around you shows that you are facing some unsettled emotional disturbances, which may have caused you to develop a defense mechanism to save yourself from any kind of emotional hurt or trauma.


2. You Have An Overworked Mind

Your mind does not stay calm; it is constantly fluctuating from one moment to the other instead of being in the present. You're either wandering in the dreams and hoping for the future to escape from reality of the present, or you are stuck in the past regretting about what had happened.


3. Lack Of Intuition

In the event of an emotional trauma, one is unable to differentiate between ‘feelings' and ‘emotions'. Feelings help you to assess the situation that helps you to choose your reaction towards it; however, when your actions are driven by your emotions you tend to lose the sight of the real picture.


4. You React Without Thinking

Any action that is driven by emotions tends to be very extreme in nature, as it lacks the process involving logical thinking. Your emotions can be triggered by the slightest of things like a song, experiences, words, etc. This can lead you to be deeply saddened, withdrawn, or at any time even aggressive and violent towards others.


5. You’re Rewind Button Is Stuck

You find yourself addicted to the same people, situations and conditions, which have done you no good in the past and still you get inclined towards them like a moth to a flame. This cycle keeps going on and on, unless you decide to get yourself healed.


6. Overwhelming And Over-Reaction

Your lack of control on emotions can lead you to be overwhelmed and over-reactive. It is only by healing the mind that you will be able to resolve your emotional conflicts.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 6, 2015, 3:00 [IST]
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