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7 Weird And Bizarre Foods Eaten By People

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Each country has its own food and cuisine type. We love to relish the foods of other countries and, for that matter, from other states too, as there is a huge inter-state difference between each state.

We love eating Chinese, Continental, Thai foods and many more. We all know that the pattern of cooking, spices included, etc, are different in the foods we try from other countries. What if the food cooked turns to be bizarre and weird?

We always feel nauseated after watching the TV show of Bear Grylls named "Man vs wild" not because of the show, but because of the foods that the TV host gets to try.

Sometimes, we can see him eating frogs and drinking urine, but hold on, don't come to a conclusion yet. He eats these foods just to survive in the jungle and keep himself alive in drastic conditions.

However, people from other countries may at times deliberately include some weird and bizarre foods to their cuisines. They enjoy eating them, while for others (people like us) it seems like a little bizarre thing to do on earth.

You will be surprised to know these bizarre and weird foods that people eat. Scroll down to know about the weird and bizarre foods.


Raw Blood Soup

This soup is made from duck blood and chicken stomach and its contents. It is known as Tiet Cahn in Vietnam. Some herbs and nuts are also added into it to enhance the taste. They refrigerate the blood until it congeals and forms a jelly.


Fried Spiders

In Cambodia, it is common to eat fried spiders. The spiders are fried in garlic oil to make it nice smelling and crunchy. They are considered to be tasty and nutritious. But, be careful of the poisonous spiders! This is one of the bizarre foods eaten by people.


Bird's Nest Soup

Another weird food eaten by people is bird's nest soup. In China and Hong Kong, a soup made from a bird's nest is considered as a delicacy. People pay more than 100 dollars to buy that in exotic restaurants in these countries. It is considered tasty and nutritious because of the bird's saliva found in it.


Smelly Fruit (Durian)

Durian is eaten by people from Southeast Asia. This fruit has been banned in airports, hotels and other public places because of its revolting, overpowering and offensive smell. When the fruit is cut, it emits a smell similar to a rotten piece of flesh, raw sewage and a pair of dirty old socks. Its smell can put some people in intense disgust; however, some of them find it pleasing. It is, however, regarded as a king of fruits in Southeast Asia.


Poisonous Fish

In Japan, the chefs are given special training classes for many years to prepare a poisonous fish known as Fugu. A little mistake in preparing this fish can cost the life of others. So, the chefs have to also pass a test to be qualified for preparing it. The fish is enjoyed with a little poison inside it, as it gives a tingling sensation to the tongue and lips. Would you like to try it?


Live Octopus

In South Korea, people relish eating a live baby octopus. It is known as Sannakji in South Korea, as you have to be more careful while eating it because of the suckers of the octopus that can get stuck to the roof of your mouth. It is one of the weirdest foods that people eat on earth.


Bulls Testicles

In Canada, bulls testicles are considered as one of the yummiest foods. These people fry it in oil, add some spices and eat it with great delight.

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