Interesting Types Of Girls You Will Meet In Your Life

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We interact with many different people in our life, without knowing their nature in the first instance of our meet. These people leave an impression of theirs in our mind, yet it is difficult to judge them completely, unless they show any dark or bright side of their character.

In the same way, guys meet girls and vice versa. However, despite of the "opposite sex getting attracted" logic, they both can part their ways after a short while. This is because they either don't gel well with each other or can't stand each other's face.

In this article, we have mentioned some types of girls whom you should carefully study before dating. However, the same applies for guys, but this time it is the turn of girls. Girls, no doubt, are the gem of any relationship, yet they can sometimes behave weird with their guys and may be the reasons for a breakup.

Here are some interesting types of girls that you will meet in your life. Read on the article to find out whether you have already met this girl or not.


Romantic Girls

These girls are the most-loving souls ever. They are, at the same time, obsessive and impulsive. They are the kinds who prefer to lose their hand rather than losing the thing in their hand. Be aware of such girls as they can be like sweet poison at times!


Cynic Girls

They will never trust you, no matter what you do on earth to get their trust. They will never admit their love, but will keep loving you in the heart of hearts. They are like a coconut, soft from the inside and hard outside. However, it is hard to adjust with them, as they can cry for any small issue and may never trust you, until you die proving yourself not guilty.


The Serial Dater

These girls can never be loyal to you, as they are in a continuous search for a perfect man for themselves. They will keep on dating other men, until they get the "so called" perfect man. So, beware from such girls!


Duck-Faced Selfie Girl

This type of girls are self-obsessed. They can even cross the road while putting makeup on their faces. They can go to the parlour even when they have a bone fracture. They just date you for the sake of grabbing some compliments and just to tag you along as a boyfriend.


The Free Spirit

These girls like to live life and let others live. They will never interfere in your personal life and will never bother you. These girls have been recently freed from a toxic relation and want to live a free life for some days. They also post some inspirational quotes and do a lot of yoga, basically giving time to themselves, which they had not given before.


The Online Single Type

These set of girls are crazy about a guy whom they know through a social website, but try to pretend as if they are not interested. They will spend most of their time in clicking a picture for their social network sites, but never let that guy know of the feelings, until the girl gets married.


Desperate Single Girls

These girls just want to be in a relationship and will never look for any qualities in a guy, but they just want to be tagged as someone's girlfriend. These girls end up having failed relationships with all kinds of men they come across in their lives.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 17:30 [IST]
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