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How To Celebrate Eid Without Family In COVID-19 Pandemic


Eid is a festival of happiness and you visit your relatives and friend's place with your family. It is a particular occasion when you spend quality time with your family, meet even those with whom you have differences. People wear new clothes, the charm is seen more in girls who are busy selecting clothes for Eid. Then people go for Eid prayers, which is a congregational prayer. People hug each other after prayers and wish each other. But in 2020, Eid and all festivals are being celebrated in a different manner due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elders of the family give some money to kids and ladies just as a good will gesture on Eid. The money given is called Eddi. It gives immense happiness to the children. It is the value of the money that gives happiness but the feeling that comes after receiving it gives much pleasure.

The ladies of the family prepare all sort of dishes including sweets such as sewaiya, gajar ka halwa and much more. Later in the main course they have biryani and some other dishes. ALSO READ: Special Food Decor For Eid

You have to clear all the grudges with your family, friends and even your neighbors. The main motive of Eid is to give gifts to your friends and relatives.

However, it feels sad when you have to spend Eid without your family and friends sometimes. If this time you have to celebrate Eid without family because you are away from home in the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some tips to enjoy your Eid - albeit with all the safety measures like wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, washing hands and using hand sanitiser.


Video Call If Alone

You will miss your family more this Eid, as you will be required to stay inside and alone. Video call family and friends and send virtual hugs and gifts!


Spend Time Cooking

If you live with your spouse or only one family member, and only you two are there on the occasion of Eid, the best thing to do is cook something special for the festival and enjoy it together. If you are alone, cook up a storm and share it on social media before having it!


Go (Virtual) Shopping

Shopping is the best mood elevator. However, not all shopping places and malls are open in the pandemic or are safe. So, if you are missing family badly on Eid, shop some savouries and sweets or new clothes for yourself online, or send gifts to family members online!


Movie Is Also Not A Bad Idea

If you are alone on this Eid, after prayers and the feast, just plan a binge-watch with your friends or cousins on the online mobile apps or over the top platforms. If you can't resist the loneliness and feeling sad without family then try going out for a movie with a mask and gloves on. (Theatres have opened in some states on October 15.)


Gifts For Orphans And The Elderly

Eid is also a time when you have to look for the less privileged and bring a smile to their face. You can wear a face mask and visit an orphanage or old age home to gift sweets, Idi money and clothes to children or the elderly. This will make you feel happy and not alone.


Plan The Next Eid With Family

The thought of celebrating your next Eid with family and friends will give you much happiness. You will have a reason to be happy and hopeful. Plan for Eid 2021!