Funny True Tales Told By Indian Women

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Granny tales are the most loved among everyone. They are told to children around the world and as we age we love to pass them on to the next generation too. There are endless amount of granny tales where in which some of them are false and some strikingly true. If you believe in granny tales, then here are some of the funny ones you should totally  follow.


Do share them with your folks and friends as well as you can pass on a smile and a little advice too for the ones you love. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the cute, funny tales told by most Indian women:

Funny Tales Told By Indian Women | Funny Tales That Are True | Grandma Tales That Are True

Chicken Soup Fights Cold - When kids are down with fever and a cold, the first thing every mum does is to feed their little one with warm chicken soup. Though this is a tale that chicken soup is the best remedy to fight infections, it holds true in every way. It is indeed one of the best foods you can consume when ill as it helps to boost immunity and kills those germs.

Trouble Falling Asleep - If you have trouble falling asleep, count sheep.... This is a common funny and true tale which is told by every Indian woman. Counting sheep will help you sleep like a baby as it calms your mind and makes you de-stress gradually.

Funny True Tales Told By Indian Women

Do You Love Sucking Your Thumb - Don't suck your thumb as it can ruin your teeth! Yet another funny and true tale which is told by every mum in an Indian household. Thumb sucking is a common habit with children who are teething as it helps provide relief. If your little one loves to suck her/his thumb, help them to get rid of the habit gradually. And, yes, ignore that it can ruin your teeth.

Fish For The Clever Ones - Fish should be consumed if you want to build your intelligence levels. Mums love to feed their little ones this omega 3 fatty acid food, because it is rightly said that the more fish you eat the better grades you will achieve.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 15, 2015, 16:23 [IST]
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