Which Brain Are You:Left Or Right?

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The human brain can be separated into two different hemispheres, the right and left hemispheres. These parts of the brain process information differently; and in every human, only one side is more dominant than the other.

Human behaviour is predominantly based on which part of the brain he/she is using more, or which part of the brain controls him/her. This helps us in having a balance of our overall personality and understand the things we experience.

This is the reason, there is huge difference in people interacting to the things they encounter. Some have a very cool attitude towards the serious things/issues and others can make a mountain out of a mole! It depends on which part of the brain we use more.

You must have seen some people mostly right-brained. This means that they utilise the right side of their brain more. Others are left-brained who use the the left side of their brain more. Some people can make use of both the hands, and this indicates that they use both parts of the brain. Everybody must utilise both sides of the brain for best thinking and mental processing capabilities.

Do you want to know what are the attributes of a person using the right or left side of the brain? Read on the article to find out which part of the brain you use more and your personality based on that.

are you left or right brained test

The Left Brain
People using left brain have strong verbal skills and logical thinking. They have the ability to get the understanding of the whole situation into pieces. They have strong control on their emotions and are planned. They have good communication skills, as they are more comfortable with talking and writing. They are good in mathematics and calculations.

are you left or right brained test

Key Qualities
Logical, rational, consistent, detailed, planned, controlled and analytic.

are you left or right brained test

The Right Brain
The right part of the brain focuses on the visual pictures, instincts and observes things in a global perspective. They are less logical and may be bad with remembering numbers, alphabets, names, etc, as they are more of an artist by nature. They are more imaginative and creative. They can write a full story of vents they like without getting tired. They are more expressive, but are not a good speaker; however, they can write well. They have deep thoughts and are emotional too.

Key Qualities
Open-minded, spontaneous, emotional, connective, intuitive, random, sensitive and holistic.

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