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10 Stupid Things Indian Guys Do

You may have come across Indian guys who talk over another's head and do the most absurd things when they are alone and even when they are not. Indian men can be the most hilarious as they do the silliest of things and get away with it at ease. Today, Boldsky compiles a list of stupid things that Indian guys do on a regular basis.

If you happen to come across an Indian guy on the road, you would actually see him in a state which is unbearable for a woman to look at. For he might be picking his nose, scratching his crotch or worse spitting red paan on the road. However, there are exceptions as promotions and campaigns have attempted to inculcate better hygiene among Indian men.

Here are 10 stupid things that Indian guys do, take a look:

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Spitting Paan

One of the most stupid things that Indian guys do is spit paan on the road, pavements and on the walls. The smell is exhilarating and can get you on your nerves.


Scratching In Public

Scratching in public is one of the things that most Indian men love to do. They find it pleasing to do it at any given moment, no matter who is around.


Riding On Pavements

One of the stupid things Indian guys do is ride on pavements just to make it in time to their destination. They have the ability to even ride in between people walking in a crowded place.


Staring At Women

Staring or ogling at women is one of the most observant stupid things Indian guys do. It can get quite annoying, especially when you are fully clothed.


Overcrowding In A Queue

There is no rule to stand in a queue when it comes to Indian men. They just seem to outbeat it at any cost.


Talk About Overspeeding & Wheelies

One of the stupid things Indian guys do is to show off by performing wheelies, over speeding and alas getting themselves caught with the cops.


Holding Your Buddy's Hand

If you are in a relationship with the same sex/gender, it is ok, but when you see men holding on to each other for dear life on a bike or holding hands in public when they are straight, it is absurd.


Peeing In Public

ne of the stupid things Indian guys do which they think is great is by watering the roads with their urea and ammonia.


Pick Their Nose

Picking their nose and rolling it to make a ball to flick it like a basketball is yet another stupid thing Indian guys do almost all the time.


Keep Their Flies Open

For free air conditioning, especially in the summer season, guys love to keep their flies open. It isn't a nice thing though!

Story first published: Thursday, May 8, 2014, 21:12 [IST]
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