9 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It is an universally accepted fact that in general women live longer than men. But no one has yet been able to establish why women live longer than men on an average. The reasons are actually several but most importantly, women live healthy lifestyles unlike men. They take care of their body even if it is for cosmetic purposes.


Men in general let themselves go. They neither care about their beauty nor health. That is why; women tend to live longer than men. Men indulge in unhealthy habits and that too becomes their doom when it comes to life expectancy. Besides, men have very little emotional strength compared to women. The cannot take emotional shocks very well.

Women are stronger than men even from the womb. Female foetuses are stronger and genetically more stable than male foetuses. That transpires in life after birth as well. So, lets get a complete idea of why women live longer than men.


Men Are More Prone To Stress

Men are much more prone to stress than women. It's the women who cause the stress and take none of it!


The X Factor

It appears that the extra X or chromosome is really helpful for women. As women's genetic composition is XX, they are much more stable genetically than men who are XY.


Women Don't Have Hearts

Have you ever heard of a woman have a heart attack? Impossible, women don't have hearts at all. It is men who die of heart attacks in their prime.


Men Have Unhealthy Habits

Men are usually heavy drinkers and much more into unhealthy food than women. Men do not care for their health and lead a lifestyle that literally invites death.


Men Smoke More Than Women

A higher percentage of men smoke as compared to women. That takes away 10 years from your life anyway.


Men Meet With Freak Accidents

One can meet with freak accidents only when they do freakish things. Mostly, it is men who indulge in dangerous adventure sports and risky stunts that lead to freak accidents.


Women Have Hormones To Protect Them

The same hormone that makes a woman have mood swings comes to her rescue in terms of health. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone protect the heart, lungs and also give women immunity against cancer.


Women Are Emotionally Stronger

Women are emotionally much more stable than men. Men act tough but they are actually not as hardy from within. Women can stand shocks, emotional hurt and hardships much better than men.


Women Age Gracefully

Women age much more gracefully than men. They accept the fact that they are not young anymore and adapt their lifestyle accordingly. Men, on the contrary, want to remain boys all their life.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 7, 2014, 15:04 [IST]
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