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The 8 Most Ferocious Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are by far the most wonderful pets to have. Animals that are known to be impressively intelligent, dogs are popularly referred to as mankind's best friends. Did you know that dogs can remember the scents of the people they love much better than that of other dogs? Well, that is the level of attachment you can expect from these lovely creatures. As we are aware, dogs come in different breeds, each breed exhibiting varied characteristics. In this article, our focus is confined to the most dangerous dog breeds. These most dangerous dogs in the world are known to be so owing to their sheer strength and ferocity.

Different dogs are meant for different activities, their body and intelligence structured to give them admirable traits. Here are the most dangerous dogs in the world. These ferocious breeds are powers to reckon with any day!

We look at the 8 most ferocious dogs in ascending order of ferocity. Read on....


8. The Bull Terrier

A dog known for its muscle, the Bull Terrier is one of the strongest dogs in the world as far as strength of muscle tissues is concerned. Known for its unique look and appearance, the Bull Terrier is a generally quiet dog and not very aggressive. The story however, is different when it is threatened.


7. The Akita Inu

An immensely elegant dog breed that finds its home in the mountanous regions of Japan. There are two breeds of the Akita Inu. The American Akita Inu and the Japanese Akita Inu. The dog breed was seen in the popular Hollywood movie Hachiko. The Akita Inu is an incredible breed to have owing to its extremely friendly attitude towards family members. However, Akita Inus are very territorial and their aggressive side can sometimes be hard for other dogs to handle.


6. The Great Dane

The Great Dane is known to be the tallest dog in the world. This massive dog was first bred to hunt down boars and deer. It was first bred in Germany. Known to be generally quiet, Great Dane's can be great pets. Just their appearance can scare the living crap out of less ferocious breeds.


5. The Brazilian Mastiff

This distinctly coloured dog is extremely impetuous and aggressive by nature and is helpful as a tracking dog. Its large size and bad temperament to people it isn't close to has resulted in the breed being banned in a few South American countries.


4. The Doberman Pinschers

A breed known for its loyalty, courage and relentless assault when threatened, the Doberman needs comprehensive training if they must be kept in control. They serve as the perfect guard dogs for their intelligence and perceptiveness- they attack only when they sense danger. The Doberman, if provoked can cause unimaginable damage through their attack.


3. Huskies

Huskies are perhaps the most elegantly ferocious dogs in the world- that's because they are irresistibly elegant. Used extensively as a snow dog to pull sledges, Huskies have powerful muscle strength and intelligence. They are also amongst the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. However, they can be very dangerous owing to their strong predator instincts. Huskies can also attack humans relentlessly if provoked.


2. Rottweiler

A breed that is commonly adopted as a pet in many countries, the Rottweiler requires perfect training during the initial stages of its life. If that is not done, things can go wrong in no time. Rottweilers are extremely aggressive and ferocious. The owner is the only one the dog generally listens to. It does not think twice before launching a thoroughly ferocious attack.


1. The Pitbull

Banned in many countries in the world, Pitbulls are the most dangerous and the most ferocious dog breeds in the world. They need to be trained correctly right from the time they first come home as puppies. They can be used as hunting dogs as well as guard dogs. Once they attack, there is no stopping them, they go for the kill without thinking twice.

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