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Intrigue: A Magical Evening Of Words


Poetry has been one of the most primitive ways of expression for man. As Dennis Gabor puts it, "Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings and making music with them." So did we witness at 'Intrigue - Your Poetry On Her Canvases'.

Intrigue by 'Let Poetry Be' (in collaboration with Strip Tease, the graphic art magazine) is a first-of-its-kind show in Bangalore. It is a free platform for the youth to express themselves, shedding aside the usual boundaries and drudgery of life. This platform will see poetry coming to life, through reading, music, art and every and any other forms of artistic expression. Through it's events, Let Poetry Be will bring young poetic voices and seasoned ones under the same roof to share their creations.

Events hosted by Let Poetry Be will welcome cupfuls of expression ranging from joy, angst and love to envy, rebellion and more. With the help of these collective cupfuls, the vibes of the youth and poetry, Let Poetry Be aims to sculpt a giant melting pot; a pot of ideas, creativity, colours, music, art and everything fun.

Poetry knows no description nor does it know any identity. As a result, the element of poetry, although sedate and unassuming on the exterior, is a brimming volcano of passion and a wild tsunami of colours and energy on the inside. It is this colourful energy that Let Poetry Be, is tapping into.

The event is hosted by a Koramangala-based café Atta Galata on the third Saturday of every month. The event is co-hosted by Amruta Dongray and Samrat Dey, who are passionate poets themselves.

'Let Poetry Be' was started in February with a limited number of people interested in the genre. But gradually over the time, the event has gained popularity and many budding poets have joined the group, leaving behind all kinds of hesitation and fear. Dongray said, "Leaving the comfort zone behind is extremely important and that is what the whole event is aimed at."

'Let Poetry Be' brings across a wonderful platform for those who have the ability to give a poetic expression to their thoughts. It is not a competition and therefore, there is no barrier of judgment.

Intrigue for November was based on a collection of paintings by the young artist Shivapriya. The poets were supposed to compose the poems based on the paintings. They were given the liberty to choose the paintings that inspired them the most to compose their poems.

The event started with a speech by the guest of honour Roopa Sethuram. She is a Wall Street banking professional- Managing Director and Head of Transformation. Sethuram also belongs to the family of Kannada playwright and author, Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar. She has a keen interest in poetry.

It is extremely intriguing to hear the rhythmic flow of thoughts as the event started. The paintings were given a whole new dimension through the immensely talented poets who read out their poems on the stage.

The flow of words gave a magical aura to the environment and the event was grand success with the overwhelming participation. 'Let Poetry Be' is a great platform for all those who write poems and also for those who love poetry.

In December, there are two events scheduled by 'Let Poetry Be' on December 6th and 20th respectively. The subject of the event scheduled on December 6th is 'Atta Galatta's Let Poetry Be in association with The Annual Handmade Collective' and that on December 20th is 'Seriously Funny'. So, shed your shackles and be part of the experience third Saturday of every month at Atta Galatta.

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