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10 Incredibly Insane Facts About Black Holes


Black holes are the biggest mysteries in space with scientists literally clueless about a large part of their behaviour despite impressive advancement in invention and discovery. These mysteries of space exhibit characteristics that will unfailingly blow you out of your senses. In this article, we dig into some of the mysteries about black holes. By exploring some startling facts about black holes, we ultimately answer the question of what is a black hole and what the characteristics of a black hole are.

A star that is over six or seven times the mass of the sun usually ends up as a black hole. A star that is 1.44 times to five times the mass of the sun generally ends up as a neutron star and stars about the size of the sun fade into nothingness as white dwarfs. Our focus in this article is confined to black holes as we highlight a few mysterious characteristics of black holes.

So let us go ahead and look at these black hole mysteries. Here are 10 incredibly insane facts about black holes. Read on...


Black Holes Affect Time

Owing to incalculable gravitational intensity, time slows down massively near a black hole. This is what scientists claim. Scientists, however, do not know the extent to which time is altered.


The Laws Of Physics Are Shattered

When an object is pulled by the gravitational intensity of a black hole, its density, owing to incomprehensible levels of gravity, becomes massive. The density of any object in the black hole becomes infinity and its volume almost zero. Space and time cease to exist, defying the laws of physics.


The White Hole Concept

Scientists believe that when matter enters a black hole, it is crushed to such a mammoth extent that it literally ceases to exist. Sub Atomic particles are then ejected through a concept known as the white hole.


The Worm Hole

Black Holes have the capacity to suck matter- the immensity of the capacity remains a mystery. However,if matter enters one black hole and is sucked into another, scientists believe that a dimensional change occurs. Meaning, if you are sucked by two black holes that have similar gravitational intensities, you will probably enter a new dimension.


A Black Hole forms Life Giving Elements Inside

Black holes convert matter into sub atomic particles and owing to their characteristics, black holes are capable of giving rise to heavy elements like iron and carbon.


The Escape Velocity Of A Black Hole Remains Unsolved

Black Holes do not allow even light to pass through them. Thus, the escape velocity remains unsolved. Escape velocity is the velocity that a particle must possess in order to escape the gravitational influence of a heavenly body.


The Mass Of A Black Hole

A black hole sucks almost everything that comes close to its event horizon. Matter when sucked in becomes unimaginable dense. So how much more dense will a black hole be? Scientists believe that the mass of a black hole is about 100 million times that of the sun.


Black Holes Expand

As they suck in the matter around them, black holes actually expand.


The nearest Black Hole

The nearest black hole is about 1,600 light years away from the sun.


The Black Hole At The Centre Of The Milky Way

Scientists believe that there is a massive black hole at the centre of the milky way. They also believe this black hole is expanding and have no clue how massive it is getting by the secon

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