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Common Problems Of Indian Men

Not only women, but men also have their own set of problems. It is not that all men are male chauvinist pig or against gender equality, but there are millions of men who suffer from a set of problems on a regular basis. In this article, we'll discuss some common day to day problems faced by Indian men in this dog-eat-dog world.

With no offence to men in general, here's a look at some of the common problems faced by India men:

Peer Pressure: Be it for education, job, marriage or family planning, peer pressure is one of the most common problems faced by Indian men on a daily basis.


Getting Judged By Neighbours: This is another common problem faced by an average Indian man. A small act makes him an object or topic of discussion. So a man has to please not only his family, but his neighbours and society as well. This is because he is judged by his family and the people around him.

The Ratio: By the time a man reaches adulthood and wants to date a woman, half of the Indian women are either committed or married. So, in love, Indian men have to struggle a lot to get a woman who is single and would like to date him.

All Men Are Dirty: Because of some horny rapists, Indian men in general have got the reputation of being dirty perverts. Thanks to all the rape cases occurring in the country, men are now considered as potential rapists. Men have to battle this belief almost every day.

A Girl Is Always Right: If any case involves a girl, it becomes hard for an Indian man to win it over. Be it at home or other places, when there is a girl involved, you can hardly expect to win a case! So, be it family, relationships, or office, it is the men who are blamed!

Social Inequality: Be it in the bus or train, women empowerment and feminism give preference to to the fairer sex. So, when you are travelling, you have to offer seat to the woman who is standing. Moreover, women even get preference in a queue.

No Violence Law: There are laws for violence against women. But violence against men is taken as a joke in India. Some men are actually struggling with abusive wives and girlfriends.

These are some common problems faced by Indian men. Do you have more daily sufferings of men to add in the list? Drop a comment.

Story first published: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 12:55 [IST]
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