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10 Types Of Butter

By Ananta Sharma

Butter is our all time, one of the favorite dairy products. Also one of the most versatile dairy products, butter is not only used as a delicious spread and a condiment to enhance taste in food but is also used to fry, bake or cook.

Use it in melted form to make chocolate brownies or simply place dollops of it over hot paranthas, butter in any form with any food is always accepted and savored! But how much do we really know about butter beyond the fact that it is a dairy product?

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Did you even know that there exist various types of butter? Through this article we will introduce to you 10 different types of butter. While some of these varieties are identified as the common types of butter, there are some you might have never even heard about before!

So read on and enjoy!


Cultured Butter

Cultured butter is one made from cream that is fermented with active bacteria. Having a distinctive, slightly tangy taste, cultured butter serves as a great condiment choice for food.


Sweet Cream Butter

Sweet cream butter or "uncultured butter" is butter made from pasteurized fresh cream, meaning cream that has not been allowed to sour at all. To make salted version of it, natural cultured flavours are added to it. Unsalted sweet cream butter is an excellent choice for baking.


Raw Cream Butter

Raw cream butter is one of the most prized types of butter. This butter is made from farm fresh or cultured unpasteurized cream.



One of the common types of butter, ghee is world over referred to as "clarified butter". This long lasting butter fat is derived when butter is heated to evaporate its water contents and its milk solids are removed. It serves as an ideal cooking medium for frying and sautéing.


Whipped Butter

Whipped butter is also one of the common types of butter. Ideally used as a spreading butter, whipped butter is a poor choice for cooking. Whipped butter gets its soft texture by whipping of nitrogen gas into it.


Light Butter

Light butter is one of the not so versatile types of butter which is best used as a spread but is not ideal for cooking or frying. This traditional churn butter has air and water added to it and is almost 25% lower in butterfat than regular butter.


Churned Butter

Traditional salted butter made by churning pasteurized cream is called churned butter. Churned butter is also available in unsalted version.


Flavoured Butter

Another one of the interesting types of butter is flavoured butter. Did you know that you can make your own flavoured butter? Just add any of your favourite flavourings such as garlic, herbs and spices and flavoured butter will be created!


Blended Butter

As the name suggests, blended butter is a blend of regular butter and some oil (usually canola). Blended butter is an interesting butter type that is easy to spread straight from the fridge while still maintaining its butter taste.


Whey Butter

Whey that has been separated from the curd is used to make whey butter. Whey butter has a cheesy flavour and is often salty if the curd from which whey was separated was salty.

If you come across more types of butter apart from these, do write to us!

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