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Famous Women Who Made Inventions

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Today, there are a lot of men who are trying to out-beat women when it comes to inventions. However, women seem to be the brains behind everything which has already being invented so far. Inventing something out of this world is a great achievement and there are women who have made this entry so far.

Boldsky, has made a list of some of the women who have come up with great inventions so far in history. These women are termed to be extraordinary and special for their inventions which we use today. You will be quite amazed with the inventions these famous women have created to make our life a whole lot easier.

Take a look at some of the great inventions which were made by women. If you are a woman, you will get inspired as well and who knows we might see an invention by you too in the coming years.

Josephine Cochrane

If you are using a dishwasher at home, you need to be thankful to Josephine Cochrane. She is one of the greatest women in history who has invented this machine so that modern women today can be benefited. Initially, due to her invention of the dishwasher, hotels and restaurants began to use this concept in the year 1886.

Mary Phelps Jacob

Thanks to this woman in history, we all have firm breasts! It is Mary Phelps Jacob who invented the bra. In the year 1914, Mary was the one who invented the bra where in the breasts can be supported from the shoulders and separated into two shapes. Before her invention, women use to wear whalebone and steel rods which was uncomfortable!

Mary Anderson

She is one of those extraordinary women in history for her invention. Her invention will surely make you gasp for breath. It is Mary Anderson who invented the windshield wiper of your car in the year 1903. Earlier, before her invention, driver use to stop aside if it was raining or snowing as they could not see the road clearly. But, Mary made sure that this problem was solved with her windshield wiper invention.

Margaret Knight

She is truly the knight in shining armour when it comes to putting an end to plastic. She was one woman in history who invented the paper bag in the year 1871. She was the first lady to create a machine which could make paper bags. This is the same machine which is been used by majority of industries.

Sara Blakely

She is one of the few female billionaires in our modern day society. Sara will surely be a part of this rich history of women's inventions for designing spanx undergarment which is used by every second woman these days. Sara was the one who invented this undergarment in 2012. Thanks to her as there are more than a million women today who are wearing a spax undergarment to look curvaceous.

These are some of the women in history who have invented some of the things which we use widely today. Are you going to be the next woman to go down in history?

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