Weird Inventions That Got Famous

By: Sowmiya
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What is about an invention? Have you ever thought? If so, then the answer is here- to invent something you need two things 1. A good imagination 2. A pile of junk. If you have both then you are a sure winner. Pages in the history show the record of millions of inventions, and these inventions have become famous and made hefty money.

Time is the biggest witness for some of the inventions which were considered weird and later which turned the whole "wheel of fortune". These inventions seemed completely non-feasible in the beginning, but things changed later on. The secret behind these weird inventions are wise marketing and catchy advertising which kept the pace and made the customers do endless shopping. The article below gives a list of some of the weird inventions that could leave you wonderstruck.

 Weird Inventions That Got Famous

1. It's a Snuggie
Want to look just as if you got out of a Harry Potter convention? Then, you should give this a try. A Snuggie is a blanket with hands. You may well ask is a sweater or coat enough to protect yourselves from cold. Certainly yes! But, this Snuggie allows you take a break from the lousy sweaters and you soon become a fashionista once you buy this. Snuggie is reported to have made millions within a few months of its launch can u believe?

2. The Big Mouth Billy Bass
This is something which claimed the hall of fame in the year 2000. Created by Gemmy industries, the instrument is sure to startle you. There is something special about this and it is that the singing mechanism starts functioning with the help of a motion sensor. The invention grew in popularity among masses that the stores had to run from pillar to pillar just to keep their stocks updated.

3. Here is the Pet Rocks story
Pet Rocks is one of the weird inventions that rose to fame within a few days. Initially the man behind the idea purchased some ordinary rocks which he marketed as pets. He marketed the pet rocks in similar line with the pets. The man even went on to launch a official training guide " The care and training of your pet rock". Pet rocks became one of the most popular weird inventions. Would you ever think such an invention would make millions?

4. What's a Tamagotchi?
Will you not be surprised to hear that over 76 million Tamagotchis were sold all around the world? Is the strange obsession with animated pets surprising you? Tamagotchi follows Pet Rocks and reached the pinnacle of glory within a short time. The device comes with a LCD interface and buttons which you can control just like you do in a video game.

5. Billy Bob Teeth
This is something that caught everyone's eye back in the 90s. These are choppers that carry with them a ghastly and unclean look. However, the duo who invented this made millions from it.

6. Get your baby at work- Baby Mop
It just started out as a joke, but now it is a serious product. This is a baby outfit which has a mop attached to it. This essentially aids cleaning the floor with the little crawlers. This weird invention rose high in popularity and made millions. Aren't you impressed??

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Story first published: Friday, November 1, 2013, 1:04 [IST]
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