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6 Things To Do On Holi

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Holi is the festival of colours which is popular worldwide. All Indian communities celebrate the festival of colours with full joy and excitement. Holi is not just about playing with colours but a festival when you meet your near and dear ones to spend some fun and thrilling time together.

Basically, we all plan to do few things on Holi. Arranging water balloons, dry powders, colours, sweets, bhang, chilled beverages, food and drinks, are basic things to do on Holi. Protecting your skin and hair is a safety tip that we all follow. However, there are few things that we must do this Holi. Want to know what are these? Check out...

6 Things To Do On Holi:

6 Things To Do On Holi

Take Blessings From Elders: In any culture or religion, we seek blessings from our elders in the family. So, why chuck Holi? Take blessings of your elders and greet them.

Meet Your Friends: Holi is much more fun if your friends come along with you. So, make sure you do this thing on Holi. Call your friends and arrange a terrace party to celebrate Holi. Put some music and snacks to have more fun.

Drink Some Bhang: Holi is incomplete without a glass of Bhang. You must try this thing on Holi to feel trance. Sadhus and Sufis have bhang to improve medication and enjoy the state of trance. Have little bhang and you will enjoy Holi even more!!

Dance Like Crazy: Dance like crazy on the tunes of Holi. Grab your friends and family members to dance with you. If possible, arrange a rain dance to get the feeling of Holi to the fullest.

Dip Into The Pool: In most of the Holi parties, small pool or a bathtub is arranged. Fill it with colours and water guns. Welcome every new guest in the party by first dipping them into the coloured water pool.

Grab Some Sweets: Any festival is incomplete without sweets. Enjoy your Holi with special Indian sweets. Even diabetics should get sugar-free sweets to enjoy the festive spirit.

These are few things that you must do to enjoy Holi, the Indian festival of colours. So, what are your plans for holi?

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