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Lefthandedness And Personality Traits

Lefthandedness and personality types go hand in hand. Left handed people are generally very different from right handed ones. Less that 10 percent of the total human population comprises of people who are left handed. So obviously it is an interesting test case, to compare lefthandedness and personality traits.

The best way to understand lefthandedness and personality type is to take a look at the several left handed celebrities. Many of the USA presidents have been lefties. There are also scores of left handed musicians who are very popular. Here are some of the points that must be noted in terms of lefthandedness and personality types.

Lefthandedness And Personality: Highlights

Only 10 percent of the world population is comprised of left handed people. And yet, when it comes to artists, the list of left handed celebrities is long. For example, there have been several talented left handed guitarists like Sir Paul McCartney of Beatles and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. The great artist and sculptor, Michelangelo was a leftie. Left handed people are generally inclined towards creative professions.

It is very surprising to note that 66 percent of all the US Presidents are left handed. Presidents who have had a very long term at office like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and George W Bush were all left handed. Even the current US President Barack Obama is left handed! If so many presidents of the most powerful country in the world are left handers, then it surely means that lefties have great leadership spirit.

It is not easy for a left hander to live in right handed. That is why, lefthandedness are usually more adaptable to situations in life. Whether it is a pair of scissor or writing desk, they have to adjust to right handed wares all the time. They have to constantly adjust with things that have been actually made for right handers. Even a pencil or pen that is the basic instrument of writing, is not designed separately for left handers.

Fast Workers
A lefthanded person can use his/her right hand much more easily than a right hander can use his/her left hand. That is why, lefties can work quickly with their hands. They are good at smart card games and tricks as well.

These are some ways in which lefthandedness and personality traits can be connected. Have you heard of any other specific personality traits of left handers?

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 5:02 [IST]
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