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Is Suicide The Only Solution To Your Problems?

By Tara Hari

Time heals all wounds is a well-known fact. Given time, even your gravest problem will fade away or seem trivial in retrospection. This is not to belittle your problems, it is just how the world works. There is no problem that cannot be solved.

So why opt for the permanent solution to your temporary problems? Especially for young adults, the problems they face may seem massive and unsolvable. But everybody has problems, nobody goes through life without it.

As an individual, you are defined by your reaction to the hardships you face and how you choose to overcome your suffering. Suicide is simply escaping from your problems, not the solution to them.

Family and Friends

Suicide cannot be called a personal choice since it does not only affect the person dying. If a loved one commits suicide, the people around them are left with a lifetime of guilt and remorse. They will constantly blame themselves for not preventing the death or wondering where they went wrong. You will be leaving your family and friends with a lifetime of emotional trauma and unanswered questions.

Experience Life

Humans have that profound capacity to experience profound joy and sorrow. Only if you have been in the depths of despair can you truly enjoy and learn to value happiness. If you are constantly happy, you will stop appreciating its worth. So sometimes, to appreciate the good things in life, you have to experience the bad things. If you take your own life when faced with such obstacles, you are depriving yourself of the immense joy you have the capacity to experience.

Choosing to Fail

You might think that by killing yourself, you are outwitting your problems. But by taking your own life, you are making the decision to lose in the game of life. Fighting for survival is one of the core traits every human being possess. Taking the cowards way out is not the right way to deal with your problems. Remember that other people have faced tougher situations than you, fought for survival and succeeded. As long as you stay and fight, you always have a chance. Choose to be a survivor, not a failure.

Not Worth It

Think of this, is any man, woman or situation worth taking your own life? Our lives are the most precious gifts granted to us, and nothing in this world is worth losing it. Adversity is meant to be overcome. Succumbing to temporary grief, heartbreak or failure is natural. But you have to realise that your life has too much to offer you to risk throwing it away for a passing adversity.

Suicide is not the solution to your problems. When you commit suicide, the problem still remains, only the solution is gone.

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