5 Worst Things About Life As An Adult

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Remember the days when we dreamed of adult life with trepidation. While growing up as kids, we had hope for a better life, excitement to know an unseen world and fear of the unknown. But when we finally grew up, we realised that being adult is really not that much fun. As they say, you realise school days are best days only after you have passed out from school. Similarly, we all miss our childhood days when we become adults.

Here are some of the worst things that we come across in our adult life. These points make us hope that we could become kids again.

Adult life

Worst Things About Adult Life:

No more tears: As a kid, you could throw a tantrum to get your parents' attention but as an adult, tantrums do not work anymore. Your tears too lose their sting. No one will rush to comfort you if you break into tears at the drop of a hat. Only your pillow will bear silent testimony to your tears.

Freedom is a scary thing: Most of us live with our parents till the age of 17 or 18. After that we leave home for higher studies or a career. After being answerable to our parents for 18 years, suddenly we are free. We can come home when we like, study if we like and do pretty much what we want. But there is one important thing, we are also responsible for the consequences of our actions. No longer can we say that mom kept the wrong books in my school bag!

Everything has a price: The worst feeling about adulthood is the realisation that everything in the world costs money. Even love does not come free. If you do not study or work hard to make a decent living, then you will be left out of the rats race. As a result, your friends will become more successful, your girlfriend will find someone else to marry and you will be 'left behind'. This fear of being 'left behind' always haunts us although we don't know exactly what we are being left behind from.

Life is a grey canvas: When we are growing up, we are usually very idealistic. We think of the world in terms of black and white. My group of friends are good because they are my friends and those who are mean to me are the bad kids of our school. He is good because he scores well in tests and she is bad because she has a boyfriend. This innocent clarity of thoughts is absent in adult life. We realise that nothing is as black or white as we thought. It is all in shades of grey.

Loss of home: "There is a strange thing about coming home after a long time. It looks the same, it smells the same and is the same. The only thing that has changed is you." These lines from the movie 'Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' sums up adulthood beautifully. The worst feeling about adult life is the loss of this elusive concept called 'home'. We lose that sheltered existence the moment we grow up.

The moment you stop being excited about your birthday, you must realise that you are a grown up now. However, the process of growing up never stops and each day brings a new challenge. What are the other things that you hate about being an adult?

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