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How To Welcome New Employee?

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When a new employee joins your company, you feel excited to welcome him/her. But with the new joining, you also end up getting more responsibilities. If you are the one who is training then it becomes more difficult to manage your work and train the new employee at the same time.

Moreover, your teammate is new so you have to introduce and ensure that he/she is completely comfortable in the new organisation. If a new employee has joined and you want to know how to smartly deal with him/her, here are few special tips for you.

How To Welcome New Employee?

Tips to welcome a new employee:

Greet: Firstly you should greet your new employee at work. The day he/she joins, you have to welcome with greetings. Drop a mail to welcome and introduce the new member to other employees. Use a welcome note and paste on his/her bay. You can also gift a card or a pen to make the new employee feel friendly and comfortable.

Introduce: As mentioned, you have to make your colleagues know that a new member has joined your team. With the help of the HR Department, make your colleagues know about the new worker. You can either hurdle and welcome in front of all or drop a mail to a common group id.

Join for tea/coffee: Ideally you should not stick too much on your new employee just to make him/her feel comfortable. But, this is a time when you can relax and discuss informally with your new colleague. Do not gossip about other colleagues or teammates, not at least on the very first day. Join for a coffee/tea and show the cafeteria. It is one important thing that you should do to welcome a new employee.

Welcome in the group lunch: No one likes to eat alone. Once the lunch time comes, call him/her or go to the new employee's bay and ask for lunch. Do not force but ask to check if he/she wishes to join you or not. If interested, go for lunch together and introduce him/her to everyone.

Be a helping hand: You do not need to throw attitude and arrogance to your new employee. Ego and self-esteem should not affect your work skills. As the employee is new, you have to explain about the way your company functions. If your employee needs help, do not hesitate. But, make sure you do help in even simple things. This will make your employee get dependent on you. Just teach him/her and let them handle. When they need help, be calm and help.

These are few important tips that can help you welcome a new employee at work. Do you have more tips or ideas to welcome a new co-worker? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Friday, October 19, 2012, 19:06 [IST]
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