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Things Not To Do At Workplace

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When you join an office, you get a list of rules and regulations that every employee has to follow at the work place. These points are given by the HR department to abide by the norms of the company. The etiquette of an employee should be acceptable. There are few things that an employee should never do at his/her workplace. What are these things? Find out...

Never do these things at workplace:

Things Not To Do At Workplace

Asking each others' salary: This is one of the most common bad habits of many employees. Asking the salary of your colleague for self-satisfaction or for gathering information. The package of an employee is confidential and is only known to the head of the department (employers). If you discuss your salary with others or ask your mates at workplace, you might end up hurting your ego and also break the common company norms. Never do this at your office!

Using employee's system: Sharing information is different but, using your teammate's or employee's system without their consent is a big sin for a professional! You might fall in trouble for attempting to extract confidential information from your colleague's system. Never peep into your colleague's system. It is a basic etiquette that every individual must have.

Making out: Office romance is unacceptable. Making out with your colleague would be adding fuel to fire. Never do this thing in your workplace. Make out in car or at home but not at office. If you are into office romance, keep it personal. Do not share with anyone and make sure your partner also doesn't share your secret with his/her friends. Women need to be more careful in this context. It is very difficult to make a woman keep secrets from her friends.

Dirty expressions: Throwing dirty looks or making wrong gestures at your colleague out of anger or fun is not accepted in the professional world. Never give expressions that are not acceptable to others. Out of jealousy, anger, fun or hatred, few employees make expressions behind their back. This is not making you appear gutsy fork but, damaging your self respect in front of your colleagues.

Gossiping through e-mails: Before gossiping, remember that the server is tracked by the Tech team of your company. If you are gossiping about a colleague then be careful before using internet. If you write something unethical, you would be in deep trouble. Do not complain about your colleague or company. Personal gossips should be kept out of the office boundaries.

Never do these things at your workplace. At office, be well mannered and careful. This would always help you to maintain your self respect.

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