Funny Reasons To Turn A Non-Vegetarian

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Wanna turn to a non-vegetarian? Other than health issues there can be more to it. Have you ever looked at it through a lighter angle? Turning to non-vegetarian foods is undoubtedly very good for health. But when looked at from another perspective you perhaps cannot hold back a chuckle. Here are a few funny things about the benefits of turning a non-vegetarian.

Pollution Control- Have you ever thought that whenever you have switch to a non-vegetarian diet then you are donating to the cause of pollution control to some extent. And that is because when you have some non-vegetarian foods then you are actually ditching eating some plants that help control pollution.

Non Vegetarian Foods

More Oxygen- Eating meat and fish is good for all. And that is because when you prefer having non vegetarian foods over a veg ones then some plant life is actually saved that can emit more oxygen into the air. Thus your simple resolve to turn to a non-vegetarian diet can be a small move to the effort of increasing the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Global Warming- Switch to a non-vegetarian diet and save the world. Wonder how? Well. It's very easy. Plants absorb the harmful carbon dioxide gas that absorbs the sun rays and do not allow them to reflect back into the atmosphere. Thus when you do not eat a plant it at least absorbs some carbon dioxide and reduces global warming the same way.

More Options- You can make a lot many people jealous by the non-vegetarian diet options that you can avail of. This is one of the funniest things to do when you are eating along side a vegetarian friend. Also at the time of travel you do not need to bother about food options as non-vegetarian foods are available all over the globe.

Shade- Plants provide you shade. So, eating meat is good as you are saving a plant by doing so. This plant will provide shade and respite from the warmth of the sun.

Water- Water is scarce in today's world and most probably in the near future there shall be a crisis too. Eating meat or any other non-vegetarian diet can in one way help in the conservation of water. If we do not eat the plant then it can remain in the soil and its roots shall retain water. Did you ever think this way? You are actually saving water by not eating a plant.

These are all some unusual reasons to turn into a non-vegetarian. What's yours?

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