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Never Share These Things With Anyone

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Never Share These Things
"Sharing is caring."

This saying is blindly followed by many people. There are few people who do not like sharing their things with anyone. If you are staying in hostel or at home, friends and relatives or siblings ask for your things. You might not think twice before sharing things with your friends or partner. But, after a certain extent, you start getting irritated with sharing. This directly or indirectly affects the relationship. However, there are few things for which you have to say no! Either for personal reasons or hygiene, you should not share few things. Here are the list of things that you should never share with anyone.

Shoes: Your friend might just fall in love with your footwear collection. But, it is very important to maintain personal hygiene. Avoid sharing your footwear, especially shoes with anyone. Shoes are a home to germs and bacteria (due to sweat). Who knows whether your borrower has sweaty feet or infection? So, never share this thing with your friends or anyone.

Undergarments: This is another aspect of personal hygiene. You should never share your undergarments with anyone. Your genitals are most prone to infections. So, for your good health and hygiene, never share your personal garments with others.

Water bottle and coffee mug: You should think twice before offering your filled coffee mug to your colleague or friend. Sharing foods especially water bottle, coffee mug, glass or spoon can be risky for your health. The germs and bacteria get transferred through these and this can make you or the person you share with sick, sometimes even cause diseases like chicken pox. Thus, avoid sharing utensils or bottles that you put into your mouth.

Lipsticks: Women do not think twice before applying a lipstick from a friend dressing up beside them. You get too busy doing makeup and do not think twice before rubbing a used lipstick on your soft lips. Looking beautiful is important but, should not be done at the cost of health risks. Skin diseases and infections spread commonly due to shared lipsticks and lip balms.

Diary: Personal secrets are written down in the hidden pages of a diary. If you maintain a personal diary, do not share it with anyone. To be on the safer side, avoid keeping the diary out in the open desk or table. Whoever reads it would end up knowing all the hidden secrets of your life.

Lighter: Smokers do not think before asking for a lighter. After lighting, very few people remember to return lighter to the owner. This is very common when you are busy partying or talking. With the flow of time, you will not realise that you do not have your lighter with you anymore. What next? You have to go and buy a new one because you won't even remember who you gave it to!

These are few things that you should not share with anyone! Do you have more items to add in the list? Please drop a comment.

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