Never Say These At A Job Interview

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A job interview is one of the most critical situations for an individual. You might prepare yourself by taking mock interviews or in some cases, join some crash course to create the best impression on the interviewer. In this competitive market of more and more job hunters, you have to be the best so as to beat the rest. Here are few things that you must never say at a job interview. Keep these points in mind and never utter them out of your mouth when you are sitting with the interviewer.

4 things you should never say at a job interview:

Never Say These At A Job Interview

What about annual leave and its policies?: Every employee wants to enjoy leaves but, this is not the right time to enquire about it. You are not yet hired by the organisation so avoid talking about leaves. Show some dedication and establish the fact that you need the job. You will get leaves so never ask that to the interviewer. You might appear irresponsible and careless.

I hate my last job: When asked about your previous job, do not start with a list of complains. You have to show that your last job was nice but give a valid reason for leaving the previous organisation. So, if you are giving an interview, never say this to the interviewer. Show that you are adjustable and flexible. This proves that you are the right one for the organisation.

How much do you earn?: Well you have no rights to ask this question to your interviewer. The interviewer will ask you questions and you have to answer him or her. While attending an interview, you should not ask the pay scale of anyone. Ask anything that is relating to the organisation and not its employees or employers. For example, if the interviewer asks your salary expectations, discuss what you have in mind but do not ask how much others earn. In short, mind your own business.

Is formal wear a must?: Well, this is one thing that you must never ask in your interview. In the professional world, you have to appear sincere and matured. Whatever be the dress code, follow it. You are not joining the company to show your style statement. There are few rules and regulations that a company has and you have to follow them. Formal etiquette can only boost up your personality and confidence. So, when you are being interviewed, never say this thing to the interviewer.

These are few things or rather questions that you must not ask your interviewer. When you have an interview, be punctual and confident. You might land up with a job in hand if you are confident.

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