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Friendship Day 2019: Can Rose Become An Ideal Gift To Celebrate Friendship?

By Sneha

It goes beyond doubt that roses can be the most ideal gift for any occasion and flowers can bring out the emotions in you in the best possible way. While friendship day is knocking at the door, let's find out how roses can help us figure out the different shades of friendships.

While we all are elated to celebrate friendship day on 4th August, 2019. Therefore, before giving the roses to our friends, we all should know what colour roses will suit our friendships best. While you can express all your emotions with different colours of roses, browse through the article to find which colour signifies what.

Red- Red is the most popular of all rose colours. It does not only symbolise love , but it also means courage and respect. And who doesn't have all these feelings for their friend. So, embrace your friend this Friendship Day with a classic red rose and make their day all the more special.

Yellow- Yellow rose is the most appropriate choice for a Friendship's Day. The meaning of a yellow rose is friendship, gladness and joy. This is one of the most awesome Friendship Day gifts. It sends a message that you are committed to continue your friendship with zest and vigour for your entire life.

Pink - Pink is one of those rose colours which represents gratitude. A true friend will always be there with you through thick and thin. So, pick this day to celebrate the friendship of such people and pick this rose to express the feeling of gratitude that you have towards them.

Orange- If you gift this rose to your friend on friendship day it will symbolise your passionate feelings for your friend. Another of this rose meanings is " I am proud of you". Show your friend that no matter what they are and how they are, they are very valuable to you as friends and you are proud of them.

White- A white rose symbolises purity, innocence and integrity. This is something that you can always gift people with. But the meaning of this rose is doubled when used as a friendship day gift. It reflects the innocence and purity of your friendship.

Violet- Violet roses indicates the magnetic and majestic quality in a person. If you want to complement your friend with all these positive attributes then you must definitely go with a violet rose this time.

Cream- Cream and white are not the same. There are different meanings for each rose for the two different colours. A cream rose is emblematic of virtues like charm and thoughtfulness. And these are one of the greatest complements that you can gift your friend this Friendship Day.

You may choose any one or a combination of any of the above roses as ideal Friendship Day gifts.