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How To Be A Successful Party Crasher?

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People make jokes about and some even make movies (Wedding Crashers) but it is a crime to do it in real life! To be a party crasher cannot be all that bad or illegal unless you break into the President's private party like the White house party crashers, Tareq And Michaele Salahi who smartly walked in and out of Michelle Obama's private guest list! Just imagine, every single day there are thousands of parties happening right across your own city and you are sitting alone at home because you do not know how to be popular.

Time to change. Here is a complete guide of how to be a party crasher with high success rates just like the White House part crasher couple.

How To Be A Party Crasher?

1. Pick The Right One: If you want to know how to be popular then you ought to be seen around with the right people. In that case, there is no point crashing in a junkies rave party where most people are uninvited. You can crash into your high school champ's school leaving party or big corporate party of bankers.

2. Do Some Research: Never walk into a party unprepared. You are not walking into your neighbour's house, you are going to be a professional party crasher. You need to know what the majority of the people in the party do. For example, are they doctors or lawyers or business people. Frame your strategy accordingly.

3. Dress To Impress: You must be well dressed when you turn up for a party uninvited; that is the least you can do. You must check the crowd of the party and then decide upon your attire. No point wearing an Armani suit to college folks party. The white house party crashers were dressed in formal tuxedo and the lady wore a sari going with the Indian theme of the party. That is how you get smart.

4. No Alternative To Confidence: When you want to be a party crasher there is no alternative to being confident but if you are a charmer then it is half the battle won. Always charm the opposite sex, it is easier that way.

5. A Gift Of Deceit: It makes things easier if you carry a gift for the host (like a bottle of wine or flowers) so that it looks like coming to the party was planned on your calender.

6. Do Not Hog: Although free meals are the biggest bonus points of crashing a party you must never head straight for the food counter; that makes you susceptible to prying eyes and your aim if to first blend in and then show them how to be popular. Do not skip the the first step.

7. Best parties To Crash: The safest ever parties to crash are wedding because the bride's side thinks you are the groom's guest and vise versa.

If you follow these steps you will be a successful party crasher in no time.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 11:12 [IST]
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