4 Career Lessons From Men

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Do you ever feel that the male colleagues at your workplace are climbing the ladder very easily? Men have patience and play a tricky game to keep their boss impressed. Although women have the charm in them, they lag behind in few career goals and experiences that can help them achieve success like men.

In many companies you will find your male colleagues enjoying lunch or dinner with their heads, getting higher perks and appreciation for their hard work. Even if you work hard (equally like him), you seldom get the credit like your male counterparts. So, to climb up the ladder and become a strong competitor, here are few career lessons that men know but women don't. If you learn these lessons, success will come to you easily.

4 Career Lessons From Men

Career lessons of men that women do not try:

You can be selfish at times: This is one of the career lessons that women need to learn from men. Women are too emotional and take everything personally. That is why you will hardly find any selfish motives of female colleagues. Men are open about what they want and can discuss about it with ease. For example, the salary expectations, work timings, assignments etc. Women on the other hand think twice before showing off their selfish side. They feel scared and fear that these selfish motives can spoil their relationship with their leads.

Work over friendship ties: You can never see two or more women sitting quietly. Women are too talkative and love to make friends. Men on the other side are always reserved. They have less friends at workplace. So women should take this career lesson from men to grow the ladder of success easily. Letting your friend (colleague) do something that can harm you will damage your work. So, limit your friendship ties with your colleagues.

Confidence: If men say something wrong with confidence, it appears like truth. Women should have a similar kind of confidence to mould and convince their clients. Only charm will not work to get your job done. You need the right amount of confidence to read the mind of your client and change their views.

Healthy competition: Women do not like competition and feel that friendship or good behaviour can help build a healthy work environment. However, you need to have a competitive mind so that you can survive and work better. This is one of the most important career lesson that men know but most of the women don't know.

These are few career lessons from men that women should try at workplace. Do you have more lessons to teach the readers? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 11:59 [IST]
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