Handwriting Can Describe Your Personality!

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Handwriting describe personality
Did you know that your handwriting can reveal and describe about your personality. Your handwriting can describe and give a picture of your nature and personality. Lets check out different types of handwriting which describes your personality. So what are the considerations for checking the handwriting analysis?

Basically the characteristics, traits and handwriting strokes are examined to know personality such as size, spacing, letters, slant or straight type, breaking or continuous handwriting is analysed in the analysis. Your brain guides the hand so for a handwriting analyst, the written words paint the picture of the person.

Handwriting Analysis to describe the personality:

Size: Small- good concentration level but methodical. People who write small are not very socially active. Large- person who write large fonts are outgoing and people oriented. Mix- likes to be around people but also love to spend alone time.

Letters: Slant letters in handwriting analyzes towards right symbolize that you are open-minded, like to be around people, socialize a lot and emotionally responsive. Slant letters towards left symbolize that you prefer working alone and not share your stuffs. You don't like to be in limelight and simple. If you don't write slant letters then practical and logical with strong emotions.
Large letters show that you are a big personality who like to be the center of attention and love fame. Small letters mean your are shy and introspective who are focused and concentrate easily. A mix of two means toy are flexible and easy to adapt to changes.

Spacing: Wide spaces while writing shows that you don"t want to be overwhelmed or crowded while you want your freedom. Narrow spacing means you easily get irritated and unnecessarily take pressure and tensions.

Colors: Blue- perceptive, calm, tender, honest and loving
Black- rebellious, serious, classy and prone to melancholy
Pink- feminine, kind, caring and generous
Red- confident, stubborn, angry, enthusiastic, powerful and sexual.

These characteristics describe your personality through the handwriting analysis.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 13:26 [IST]
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