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Lets Take Friday The 13th 'Positively'!

By Staff

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th , so are you in for a good day or bad? Will you make any new attempts tomorrow or will you simply ignore, just because it is Friday the 13th..

The occurrence of the 13th day in a month which falls on Friday is considered to be unlucky in the English and Portuguese speaking cultures. The story of Adam's apple is said to be occurred on a Friday.

The 'paraskavedekatriaphobia', which is derived from a Greek language where 'Paraskevi' means 'friday' and 'dekatreis' means '13'. These two words are attached to phobia which clearly means, Friday the 13th,,the unlucky number, is a fear where thousands of people are afraid of!

Lets Take Friday The 13th 'Positively'

The reason as to why Friday the 13th is disastrous is because there are a number of mishaps which have taken place over the years like that of earth quakes, asteroids and countless deaths.

This horror date, Friday the 13th , the unlucky number, has become a nightmare for people and there are about 17 million people in the States alone who have this phobia, 'paraskavedekatriaphobia'!

Coming to this unlucky number 13, there are a few people who take it lightly and thus believe in it to be a positive day, just like any other.

According to Daniel Liu, he states,"Disasters happen when it has to, there is nothing to do with Friday 13th , I do accept that natural disasters and accidents occur on this day but there is also a realization that these mishaps happen on regular days too''. Thereby, does this mean Friday the 13th is any different?

Lets Take Friday The 13th 'Positively'!

There are many people who oppose this fear as many believe it is just a way it has been carried out among the people to create fear for Gods and demons.

Sharada a student from Bits Pilani says, 'We had our House Warming ceremony on Friday the13th, February 2004 and now we are living a very good life with prosperity and happiness. People advised us not to perform any rituals on that day as it would be unlucky. It is just an olden day belief, so why believe in it?'

Friday the 13th, ,has also changed the life of people in a positive way. For Sairah Abraham, she got job on Friday the 13th ,March 2009, in a reputed company, one she had dreamt of her whole life. For three years, she was in search of a job and it was on that fateful day which proved to be 'lucky' for her.

Anjana, on one hand had an experience to share, her sister who was trying to conceive for over 10 years, was finally overjoyed when her reports showed positive on Friday the 13th, August 2009.

Apart from these life related incidents, CNN reported, a couple who had won 17 million dollars in the year 2006, October, Friday the 13th. For the couple, it was a dream come alive and thus till date, the number 13 will always be scarred as lucky and positive.

Just like all these positive situations which has taken place over the years on this 'so called' dreadful day, we, individually, have to make our own path and not follow old beliefs! In this way, we are bound to see a much more brighter side and think differently on how we can make each day special!

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